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Matsɔ nye gbe...Adziha
(With my voice, I will sing)
Matsɔ nye dzi....Akafu
(With my heart, I will Praise thee)

Matsɔ nye ɳuse
(With my strength,)
Awɔ dɔ na Mawu esiayi
(I will work for the Lord always)

Fofo Mawuee, ve nunye
(Father Lord, have mercy on me)
(Holy Spirit)
Xɔnam lo
(Save me)

Matsɔ nye ɳuse
(With my strength,)
Awɔ dɔ na Mawu esiayi
(I will work for the Lord always)

Alevi si wo wu la
(The lamb that was slain)
Mi Kafui
(Praise Him)

Mi Kafui Haleluya
(Praise Him, Halleluyah)
Mi doe de dzi, hosiana
(Lift him up, Hosanna)

Vovo le vovome
(Perfect liberty)
Vovo le vovome
(Perfect liberty)

Dela Yesu tɔwoeme nye
(Saviour Jesus, I’m yours)
Ewɔm nye zu ablɔdevi
(You have made me a free man)

Egblɔnam be tanye ne wɔ anyigba la do
(You told me you made the earth for my sake)

Mazɔ azɔli ma w4 akɔ de edzi.
(I will dominate it)
(In liberty)

Dzo alesi nye Mawu do de menye
(My God has set a fire in me)
Ma tuido, ma tsi o
(I will kindle it so it never goes out)

Agbemavo dzoe
(It’s a fire of everlasting life)

This is a Praise Medley made up of regular songs we sing in our Churches. These songs will bless you and serve as a source of joy anytime you feel down.
We will like to recognise our brother Chief Prosper as the composer of the Vovome song in this Medley.
All other composers would be duly recognized in due time.
God bless you!

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