SlavaSoft Is Changing Real Sport Industry With Smart Apps!

Slavasoft is a mobile software provider specializing in HoReCa’s custom development projects and product-based solution development for the professional sports industry. It was founded in Alicante in 2015 and now has two headquarters in Spain and Russia.

A business development agency is established in Alicante to conduct business in the EU market, in particular, to promote brand awareness of mobile software products for sports professionals.

The Russian office is located in Moscow and is responsible for the production and implementation of the software. The company’s mobile app aims to provide professionals with statistical digitization, accelerate sports excellence, and help coaches, scouts, and assistants perform their specific tasks.

SlavaSoft’s main Android products in the field of professional sports:

1) Football experts (since 2016)
2) Table tennis expert (since 2017)
3) Smartwatch football referee (since 2018)

“Football Expert” Android app is a modern app for fans, coaches and scouts and can be used as a new brand awareness tool for football teams and federations. The app allows to collect of game statistics (goals, shots, cards, passes, tackles, etc.), manage combinations, define default settings to speed up the daily use of the app, collect each game via email or through MessengerReport.

Check the official application page of Google. Play Market-

Promo codes can be easily obtained and downloaded for free on the product’s official Instagram account-@slavasoft2.
For referees, it has also developed a smartwatch application – it can guide referees to follow the game’s timeline and avoid common mistakes such as “second yellow card fall” or “wrong substitution”.

Another great app – “Expert Ping Pong” allows:

– Provide coaches and athletes with detailed statistics about his play, technical elements and success during the game;

-Simplify the coaching work for analyzing the game and visualize the pros and cons of the game;

– Provide the athlete with statistical help during the game and throughout his career, showing his chances in the game – from the stability of the strokes to the accent suggestions during the training process;

This version of the application can be downloaded from the official Google Play. Please check it out


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