Why Pick Android for Your Mobile Application Development

Why Android apps are gaining traction in a competitive app development environment is complex. When it comes to expanding user engagement and tapping into a burgeoning Android subscriber base, Android apps have proven valuable to both businesses and developers alike.

Comscore’s latest research shows that Android is way ahead of iOS in the United States and that Android smartphone sales are about 51% higher than iPhones. Coupled with its impressive market share and many other factors, Android provides a profitable option for developing applications.

Android application development: advantages

Low development barriers
With almost no licensing fees or expensive development tools, Android application development has the lowest barriers to entry. Compared to developing applications on other platforms, the development costs of most Android applications are much lower. In fact, the cost of Android application development is mainly caused by secondary factors such as distribution, testing mechanisms, and royalties (used for distribution in third-party application stores).

Get started quickly
In most cases, Android applications are coded in Java, which is known for its rich library aggregation. Android itself has an excellently documented SDK that can promote various types of development. In addition, Google Play is an excellent market for businesses and developers to take advantage of the monetization opportunities available. From a small business perspective, this makes Android particularly good.

Extensive distribution channels
Android applications can be used in combination in several ways. Google Play is certainly the most viable option, but there are also many third-party app stores that can help you grow your business. Plus, you can even create your own distribution channels to better understand the needs of vertical market applications.

Open source advantage
When choosing a viable mobile application development platform, the open source advantages of Android should not be missed. Using Android can save you a lot of licensing costs and royalties. Its open source nature attracts full participation from application developers, device manufacturers and users to establish strong platform participation to ensure the update flow is always there.

Platform Integration
For businesses looking for cross-platform integration and marketing, Android is a great compliment. If you’re considering shaping a niche market through a suite of integrated applications, that’s Android. While most other platforms only allow background integration, Android offers the benefits of aggregated applications for a tighter user experience. More importantly, from GoogleArticle Submission, Android always has the advantage of being the first to provide upcoming Google products and services.

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