What are the 5 Highest quality Audio Format You can use

When you choose an audio file to include in your project, or even to listen to it, especially if it was a professional project, you will think to have the highest quality audio format.

So to get the best out of your project or audio you are listening to, you will need to have high-quality audio, to get the best results.

In today’s post, I will show you what are the 5 highest quality audio formats you can use.

What is audio quality format?

If you are into a world of audio makers, or you are just a person who listens to music and is curious about learning more about it.

Then you have to know that audio has multiple qualities, also there are many types and formats of audio files available.

So when it comes to audio quality format, it’s the bitrates of data that are stored in the audio file you are using or listening to, and every second contains a specific amount of that bitrates.

Now, these bits are calculated in kilobits, this is why you see sometimes in the details of audio files 128 kbps or 320kbps, which stands for (kilobits per second).

The more the kilobits are high the better the quality of audio will be.

However, each type of audio file will take your attention as it has a specific advantage that other doesn’t have, so you can use each type in a different project or audio you are listening to.

For a normal person, there will be no difference for you to choose between file types and quality, instead if you just want it to be compatible with the device you are using like M4A and Wav for iPhone, and Mp3 for android.

What is the highest quality audio format?

To know the best quality of audio format, you have first to understand that they are categorized into 3 groups. Such as Lossless format, Lossy format, and Uncompressed format files.

However it’s complex to choose between audio formats, but I will show you the 5 highest quality audio formats, based on their size and usage on multiple platforms.

Uncompressed formats

When you listen to the name uncompressed formats, you will definitely understand what the word “uncompressed” means.

So this type of audio format stays uncompressed and on its original studio quality.


WAV file type is the highest quality audio you can listen to ever, it’s used mostly in CDs and DVDs, also in high-resolution movies.

It can be up to 192Khz and even more today, as audio technology is getting better each time, that means the software can sample the music 194,000 times and read lots of information.

However, it can be used for professional projects that you will be proud of, where the audio synchronizes in the exact time as the video which is important.

One of the pros of WAV audio format is that it is easy to edit, and compatible with many audio players.


AIFF is an audio format type that was created by apple originally, it’s like WAV audio file, so they have the original studio sound.

It’s also uncompressed and lossless, which means it’s a high-resolution audio file, but not so popular.

However it’s used mostly in appl Mac operating system, and most CD writers accept AIFF when writing a Red Book audio CD.

When AIFF, the file is used on PC, the extension of the audio file will be “.aif”, but when it’s used on a Mac, you will not need a file extension.

Lossless Formats

Lossless audio format is also a high audio format preferred by audio professionals, which can provide the original sound waves for them.

It can be larger than any other type of audio format such as MP3, and it doesn’t delete any audio data and keep it always original.


FLAC is one of the lossless audio formats, it’s compatible with a lot of mobile phones such as iPhone, portable music players.

Now if we want to compare FLAC to MP3 just to give you an approach of how FLAC works, mp3 shave a part of the audio file to reduce the file size.

On the other hand, FLAC keeps the file as it is, an original audio file, which can keep it high quality.


It’s like the MP3 audio format but stands for (Apple’s Advanced Audio Coding) and it’s compressed.

However, AAC is more better than MP3, and it’s used for Apple streaming also Youtube Streaming.

So it’s a better alternative to MP3, like I told you, with higher quality audio, such as 8 to 96 Khz but MP3 has 16 to 48 Khz.

Lossy Formats

Lossy format is always focusing to reduce the audio file size to become a very small and downloadable file, for most internet users.

Now to reduce the size of the audio file, lossy format type, can shave a portion of the audio data to achieve the lowest size possible.


One of the most common lossy audio formats is MP3 audio which most people use. It’s the dominant audio format in all audio industries.

So it works with nearly 90% of the devices, and the file is always small, this is why it’s called a lossy format.

For audio professionals, it’s good a good format to work with, as audio producers and engineers always aim to get the highest quality format to make their project professional.

For normal users, MP3 is very easily downloadable and can be found on any website that contains sounds, but sometimes it doesn’t have the best quality.

Is WAV the highest quality audio format

As producers always looking for the best audio quality, they will aim for uncompressed formats, because uncompressed formats provide professionals with audio information.

It also provides them with data to show what is included in the audio file and tell what is it, so they have to dive into the audio file details to get the most out of it.

The good thing about WAV files is that they can be compressed and uncompressed, which means producers can always relaxing while working with this type of file format.

However, the highest quality of audio files is WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, which all of them don’t lose audio information.

But you can consider that WAV is the highest audio quality, as it’s similar to others, but when it is one of the purest audio files you can ever hear.

Now the rate of WAV has a rate of 1,411 Kbps compared to 90Kbps to 320Kbps when it comes to MP3.

So there is a good reason to know that WAV is the highest pure audio quality format you can hear.


This was the 5 highest quality audio format, that you can enjoy if you are a listener, or you can use if you are a producer.

However the usage of these audio files depends on your decision, whether you like to listen to high-quality audio formats, or you just want to listen to anything no matter what.

So what is the best file quality for you to choose from? Do you still use MP3 audio format?

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