Best Site to Learn Java online Free and Improve Your Coding Skills

Are you looking to improve your coding skills? Do you want the best site to learn java online for Free?

If you are a beginner and want to learn java, you are not the only one. Java is an important language to learn and improve your coding skills.

There are multiple languages nowadays to learn and practice, but java is a programming language that is using for creating applications and secure them.

So it will be a good journey for you to learn java online. In fact, there is a lot of websites out there to learn from and improve your coding skills.

In this article, I will show you the best site to learn java online for free today?

What is java used for?

Java is a programming language that’s open-source and free to use, which is widely used by programmers for a while ago till now.

It has been there since 1995 and was made by a person called James Gosling in Sun Microsystems, Inc. company.

Java is used mostly for mobile applications and PC software, in addition to Smart TVs infrastructure.

There is a lot of games that were made with java like Minecraft Java Edition, which was developed by the Swedish game developer, Mojan Studios. You can improve your coding skills by learning java to make Minecraft Mods as a beginner.

It’s widely used by developers because you can run on any platform at any time, so developers tend to use java for its importance in the programming world.

However, it has a big community on the internet everywhere, like Reddit, quora, forums…

So using Java for your next projects can be important in your programming journey, as with it you can strengthen your backend programming knowledge and get easy to understand other programming languages in the future.

Can a 11 year old learn java?

As java is Used in games like Minecraft, and of course kids like to play games and enjoy achieving high scores. Some kids like to show creative skills, access more features and mods on the game.

So learning Java for 11 years old kid is powerful for his or her programming knowledge base, which can facilitate his future in creating such coding modification and adding values to the games.

In addition to this, it has the ability to run on multiple and many different devices, like laptop PCs and mobile phones, and a lot of kids have shown interest in becoming video game developers in the future.

As on the first stage, most kids like to be creative in the fields they feel inspired about, some like games, other like creating videos, some like building Lego… So it depends on your kid’s motivation.

Basically, they can start watching youtube videos gaming mod, which will lead them to start learning instead of just watching other types of entertainment videos.

Best site to learn java online for Free

When it comes to the best site to learn java for free online, there are plenty of online courses and schools to learn from.

You have to choose the one that you feel most inspired and motivated using it because as long as you are still motivated you will get to code more.

On the other hand, if you didn’t feel motivated because of the course, change it directly, because it will affect your skills and passionJava.

So let’s check the best websites:


Learnjavaonline is a website with a basic learning interface, which provides you with simple chapters to start learning and improving your java skills.

It is Free to use and has interactive tutorials, but using google ads to help them grow and provide you with the learning projects.

You can learn directly using your browser without downloading any application to do code, and this will help you a lot when you are learning new skills.


Programiz is a big website to help you learn a wide variety of languages online for Free, also java language is one of the best choices they provide you.

The Java tutorial they have is step by step with all details included, if you want to learn with an example they have an example page.

In addition to that, you can get the their app, to learn Java if you don’t use your PC so much or just can’t take it with you.

It’s a must to try a website for learning and practicing Java if you are a beginner. 


W3schools is an old famous website to learn all types of programming languages. If you are passionate and want to learn Java easily you have to try W3schools.

You are able to learn by practicing and reading each chapter with ease, I tried to learn HTML for a while and I got the basic pieces of information clearly.

You can also try to practice what you’ve learned by coding on examples, and after each chapter, there is an exam that will test your skills and your knowledge.

So going step by step is very important, especially in programming which will lead you to understand the basics that you will need when you code.

Funtech Summer Camps for Kids

If you have a kid who likes to be creative and learn to code Java, then Funtech is the best choice for you.

Funtech has a great mix of tech-addicted kids, who attend the classes which will help your kid to have a great journey when learning Java.

However, they have a variety of choices to choose from before start learning, like Minecraft class and 3D game design class…

This will help your kid to have a good base and knowledge when learning Java, so they will be taught the basics to create their unique piece of code.

How to improve your java skills?

First, whatever language you will learn or tend to start learning, you will have to learn its basics, you cannot start learning anything without being able to identify the basics easily.

So you have to be passionate to learn the basics and take a good look at every small detail, to help you identify how this language works and what are the coding attributes this language contains.

In addition, I strongly recommend you to code and code and code, without start practicing, even with small steps first, with errors, you will not be able to improve your coding skills in Java.

Using all programming language, coding is everything, and coding in Java will help you to understand how the design of your project work.

However, it will help you to find errors, missing lines and know your point of weaknesses so that you will work to improve them in the future.

To practice java you can visit the HackerRank website and start practicing the basics, which will help you to understand how Java works and solve issues, you can also check your score, then try to make it higher.


To learn the Java language, you have first to know the basics and then start coding, practicing examples, watching videos.

You have to have the passion and learn slowly, don’t do it fast because you will burn out your mind and your skills.

It’s important to have the language basics and skills, to be ready for the difficult skills, and create your code juice without errors.

Choose the best website that you feel comfortable with and then start learning java.

The question here is, do you think Java is good for you as a beginner? What is the website you liked the most? And why?

Please comment down below and share your opinion.

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