10 Websites For Web Developers That Will Boost Your Skills Fast

When you are a new web developer, definitely you will be seeking new skills, so curiosity will take you to search websites for web developers that will boost your skills fast.

Most web developers tend to spend at least 10 hours a day on a PC if not more, most of that time they are coding or learning new skills.

If you are a person who spends is addicted to your major, then you probably have to read this post.

Why do you have to follow websites as a developer?

Web development is not an easy job, you will code a lot of programming lines, fixing technical errors on your code.

However, learning new skills will is important to grow your knowledge base and get the most out of your coding as a web developer.

Absolutely you have bookmarked a lot of those pages when you were doing researches and growing your knowledge.

So visiting those websites will help you understand more which one will fit your needs and skills and enrich your brain neurons with huge programming trends.

Which can lead to make you a professional and successful web developer. You just need to learn continuously to train your brain to understand more logic while coding new lines for your web development projects.

Top 10 Websites for Web Developers to Follow Today

Now let’s talk about the best websites that can boost your learning skills, and enrich your knowledge as a web developer.

Of course, not all of them will be the right choice for you to visit continuously, but you have the choice to choose the one where you feel more comfortable when you visit.

Stack Overflow

As a web developer, the first website you should visit is Stack Overflow. Of course, you are always facing coding issues if you are a pro developer or you just getting started.

When you face those problems and google them, you will see that Stack Overflow has already a response to your question.

This means this website is a huge opportunity for you to learn and fix all your coding errors.

Stack Overflow has a lot of programmers and developers community that can boost your learning skills, and save you a lot of time while you are searching to fix your coding errors.

It should be your first guide to coding and web development.

Code Project

When you are looking for free source code, tutorial if you are a web developer, maybe think about joining a huge developers community, you need to check Code Project.

It’s a website containing a lot of info that includes all programming languages and tutorials for many languages.

It has trendy articles always which can help you be up to date, also check new articles, so it’s dedicated to developers.

You can ask a question on the community and then developers will answer you back, it’s somehow like Stack Overflow.


CodePen is one of the most famous websites that are related to front-end development.

It helps you to build, discover and test then deploy your front-end code to ensure that what you have been coding is good.

You can share your work with the community that is always there to exchange Infos and codes, also you can see what’s trending there. So you will never worry about being up to date on that website.

However, they have a learn & discover department where you can build your design knowledge and stay up to date with all learning processes.

W3 Schools

One of the biggest and well-known websites is W3 Schools, I can describe this website as the google of developers.

W3 Schools is a huge website but has a simple and user-friendly design, that will help any new student to understand any programming language they are looking for.

It has a lot of information any new developer needs, such as web development and web design info or related languages.

You can learn any language you think about, starting from the most HTML basics to C++ pro learning tips.

So if you are looking to develop your skills then you need to give it a try at least, and I am sure you will like it.

CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks is an alternative to CodePen.io. It’s dedicated to designing purposes and learning new CSS tips, codes.

However it’s not just made for CSS language, you can also learn new things like next.js and JavaScript tutorials, they have a lot of tutorials out there.

Also, you can learn new things from the blog they have, which other developers have made, so you will learn and get the most out of web & design development.

They have videos, which can improve your learning skills easily and fast, with a lot of learning episodes.

Also newsletter page and articles, so I think it’s a good enough website to learn anything related to design and web development.


If you are looking for one of the largest online development communities, then you have to visit  Dzone.

They have more than 60,000 articles that cover a huge variety of web development infos and programming languages, so you can discuss with others at the same time.

Each article has a lot of info with photos which will help you understand easily while you are reading and learning.

You can also check the latest trends by the reports they made to estimate what’s happening in the web development in the next 12 months at least.

All this information will keep you up to date and always following the trends.


Syntax.FM is a radio streaming website, like a podcast website that contains episodes, to help you learn web development skills. You will just find on the website podcast, as they are just dedicated to those podcasts, but you can learn enough with this website.

When you are listening to the episodes, you will find some notes related to that episode on the right page, and more Infos included for listeners, which means you can listen and read the outline of the episode with some notes.

It’s a good idea to listening and seeing notes at the same time.


The biggest web development community website in the world. I will describe it as the daily website each developer should visit.

If you had an idea of making an app, and you have basic skills, but searching for web developers like you to complete that app or any other project.

You can start with the basics with the knowledge you have, then upload your source code to Github, and developers will start code with you. But you have to make that app an open-source app, which means any other developer will be able to download the full source code of that app.

This will help you learn and improve your skills, but more than that, you will build relationships with other developers and interact with the community, and that’s what we call success.

So it’s a huge website that can bring you a lot of benefits in terms of community and learning new development skills.


When it comes to create and design new websites that you see every day, you have to think about drupal.

It’s open-source software and a content management software, however, it has a lot of features, one of those important features is security.

It has many add-ons as an open-source app, which means it has a strong base of customized web designs that are made by developers.

However, the Drupal community has around 1 million passionate developers, that are willing to help you.


While you are searching for a trendy theme, but you don’t find what is worth it, thebestdesigns has a list of themes.

Its well-designed themes can prove your work as a professional designer if you are working for a client.

They also have a lot of categories like healthcare, personal finance, multipurpose themes.

So it’s not bad to make that website a source to get new themes for websites and check their source code at the same time.


Finally, there were the best websites you can visit as a developer. You just need to learn more and more, then practice, to grow your knowledge base.

So don’t forget to check each one, and see in what can those websites benefit your development career.

Do you think that Github is the best out of all those websites? Which one of those websites will be bookmarked in your web browser?

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