10 Most used video compression format for all types of videos

When you watch youtube videos, each video has MP4 format, it’s one of the 10 most used video compression formats for all types of videos.

So video format is conscious when it comes to the quality of what you are watching, it can make the video looks cool or bad.

This is why most high-quality videos are made with the best video format, which we will talk about today.

What does compressed video format mean?

Compressed video format, is shaving the data of a normal uncompressed video, to make the size of that video much smaller and be able to upload it or download it easily.

The compressed data on the video are Audio, Bit Rates, Pixels, and the footage in general.

For example: if you watch a high 4K resolution video, with a frame rate that is usually 30 frames per second, so each minute takes up to 1 GB of storage space.

Now if you want to compress the video, you can do it with two types of compression, lossy compression format or lossless compression format.

If you choose a lossy compression format, the video will keep the high-quality footage and can be reduced between 30% and 50% of its size.

But if you choose to compress the video with lossless compression format, then this can make your video compressed by more than 50%, which hard compresses the video, and remove data.

So with lossless compression, you will not be able to retrieve lost data, however with lossy compression, you will get the video in multiple separated files, so still can uncompress it back.

Best video compression format

Coming to the best video compression format, if you decided to reduce the video size or even uploaded to youtube, then you will have to compress the video before doing so.

To make that compression, you have multiple choices to choose for your videos, and choosing the wrong format can affect your video quality.

So let’s check the best video compression format, that can make your video better:


MKV is a free open-source video format, which stands for Matroska Multimedia Container.

The feature I like most about MKV is that it can playgroup your video with subtitles you downloaded at the same time.

However it supports nearly most of the codecs, and it was developed in Russia.

If you want to watch videos using VLC media player, then you can do it with MKV format, as VLC supports most video formats.


We all know that most of the videos out there are compressed with MP4 format, as it’s the most commonly used video compression format.

In addition to that, a lot of devices accept this type of format, such as mobile phones, smart TVs, also websites like youtube.

Producers who upload Youtube videos, mostly upload their videos in MP4 format, as they try to show the best quality of their videos.

However, MP4 format comes from the family of (MPEG4 format), which was created in 1998, this is why it’s the most recommended format because it was produced by video producers experts.


AVI is also a commonly used video format today, which is compatible with most operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and web browsers also.

It was created by Microsoft back in 1992, so it’s still today one of the best video compression formats.

AVI has a high format video quality and can play videos with large file sizes, and it uses less compression of video data, which leads to a large file size that can be like 3 GB per minute for each video.

However, it keeps the quality of the video original and uncompressible, so you can get back your old format when you decide to.


Also, another format that was developed by Microsoft, is mostly used by Apple users.

WMV can be downloaded also for Windows users, but for Apple, users can only watch this type of video format by downloading Media Player for Apple.

However, it can play high-quality video, but you will not be able to select your aspect ratio.

It is used online also and can compress better than MP4, so also used as a digital product, which means good copyright protection.


FLV is owned today by Adobe, it’s used for flash videos, and it’s well known for its capabilities when streaming video online like Youtube and Twitch.

Playing a video with 1080p/60FPS resolution can be done with FLV while streaming which will upgrade the video quality for viewers.

The bad thing about FLV is it’s not supported on IOS devices so you can’t watch it there.


In addition to what Apple devices play as video format, MOV is used mostly on Apple, so was made by Apple for Apple.

Quicktime player is made also to play MOV video format that’s used in most Apple devices, it plays a high-quality video encoded with MPEG-4 to use MOV videos on windows devices.


AVC HD is made by Panasonic and Sony together, it was made for video camera recorders, so if you shoot high-quality videos always, you will need AVCHD format for your videos.

The good thing about AVCHD is that is a lossy compression format, which can compress videos without losing their quality.

It’s a good choice for high-quality videos captured constantly.


This format is one of the video formats, it was made for DVD players so you can burn it into a DVD CD and use it on your DVD player.

So it’s used mostly in television with satellites and over-the-air cables, which makes it a good format for live televisions.


As some websites want to decrease their hosting storage uses and make the website faster, they use video formats compatible with HTML5.

So formats compatible with HTML5 are MP4, OGG, and WebM.

However, on your website you can use HTML5 Video Player, to play videos for your users, so you will not worry about branding the video by hosted website, like Youtube Logo on your video.


GIF video format stands for, Graphics Interchange Format, it’s actually an image format but can compress videos also to that format.

You can upload GIFs on your website to make people understand what you are talking about.

So it plays rapidly the slideshow and is divided into multiple photos.

The video frame rate on GIF is 15 frames per second, which can transform your video into a piece of art.

What is the best compression format? And Why?

The best compression video format for any user will be MP4 because it’s compatible with most devices and can be played nearly anywhere.

In addition to its fame, MP4 has, you can watch 4k videos with a 60 frame rate per second without any issue.

It’s enough that Youtube recommends that type of video format for hosting, which makes it the most used format online.


Videos are the heart of ideas, if you have any idea or want to tell people about your idea in an attractive way, then you have to make a video about it.

So choosing the best type of video will play a big role in sending your message to people, and can make your idea succeed or fail.

What type of videos do you use the most and why? Do you think that online videos should stay in MP4 format?

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