Top 5 Android Apps to Customize Your Android

Top 5 Android Apps for Customizing Android Devices

There are many benefits to owning an Android phone. Get ready to enjoy all these benefits through a great android application. Android phones with application customization features have different features and different capabilities. You want to see a cooler screen on your Android device. I mean, you can expect cool things from Android phones. As for mobile applications, Android phones have it all. Ability to run a range of programs to create excellent settings for your device.

It doesn’t need anything, it just needs broadband capacity to meet your Android needs. With Google Android mobile operating system, your browsing experience on this phone will be perfect. This mobile operating system ensures that all your mobile applications run smoothly. If you are using an old Android phone, use an app like avgcleaner pro to improve your device’s performance

android keyboard, but you can also customize your android keyboard. SMS is like an instant message in a certain format. This just means that you can easily track all text messages. As for checking emails, you don’t even need to check the inbox on this phone. This simply means that you will be notified when you receive an email. Rest assured that you can connect to any social network in real time. With this feature, you can always stay in touch with friends and family. Using any of these features will make your mobile experience anything but boring. Has the advantages of Google Android phones.

This means you can personalize your phone and freely choose and download from tens of thousands of free mobile apps in the Google Android Market.

So here are some cool android applications to customize your android application.

  1. gboard
  2. IFTTT
  3. Weights
  4. MIUIization
  5. Navigation bar application

G board is a very interesting keyboard provided by google and can be used for free in google play store. G board features a wide range of cool themes, decent features, gesture input, and several other cool features.


This application is also free and available on the Google Play Store. IFTTT is a very powerful and cool Android application. You can use this application to automate various tasks. It is suitable for almost 600 different applications, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assiasnt. This application can customize your phone’s features, not its appearance.


KWGT is an Android application for custom widgets. It allows you to create your own cool widgets based on your needs. With the help of this application you can create widgets for different things. This includes weather, calendar, clock, controllable buttons, RSS, music control, etc. This is well suited for deep customization.


MIUI-ify is a custom application with many little things in it. This makes your device look more like a MIUI style device. This includes color customization, quick settings that appear at the bottom of the screen, icon packs, etc. In most cases, the experience is fully customizable and you can add some minor customization tricks here and there to add more differences.

Navigation bar application:

Navbar Apps is an interesting little custom application. It changes the color, theme and style of the navigation bar (soft keys at the bottom of the phone). The app comes with various crazy themes like Garfield, watermelon and other similar things. It also changes the color of the navigation bar of any application you open.

Last words

Hope you like my top 5 android apps to customize your android screen, if you like my posts don’t forget to share it with your friends and check out pikek app it’s also very popular for custom screens.

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