How to Practice Java Online for Free and Start Coding Yourself

If you decided to become a good developer there is a good sign that you need to practice java online for Free. Even if you are a limited person financially, but want to become a developer it’s still possible.

You can learn and practice Java for Free today.

However, to be a professional person in anything or even an intermediate you have to practice, without practice you will end up being a basic person.

I will show you today what’s the best ways and top websites to practice java online for Free.

Why you should practice Java

First, it’s important to know that Java is a programming language like any other language. It has just different symbols and logic.

However practice makes you a perfect version of yourself as a programmer, you cannot for example learn a spoken language without practicing it by speaking with people.

Like if you learn Spanish you have to speak with Spanish people to understand the small gaps of phrases included in their accent.

In school, you will learn the basics and maybe the pro courses, but without speaking to native people it will be hard to interact and train your brain to understand Spanish.

The same thing is with Java, when you practice Java with time, first, it will be a little difficult, you will feel burned out, but after practicing for a while, it will start to be easy for you.

So when you start to practice the basics of Java, like attributes, and other coding lines, and you start brainstorming your learning skills, you will definitely be more productive and faster.

Where can I practice Java online?

There is plenty of websites to learn Java online, but I will show you the most well-known websites that people have tried and found useful.


If you are a person who likes things to be simple then go for HackerRank.

With this website, you will be able to learn and practice Java the easiest way, by filtering your preferred level to start with.

You can choose between the challenges they have, and choose your level, so you can understand your coding level after doing the challenge.

However HackerRank also provides learning for companies so they have good enough knowledge to help you understand how Java coding lines work, and so, you will be able to practice easily.


Edabit is another choice for you in your practicing journey. They have multiple pages specified in Challenges, Practice, and Tutorials, where you can choose the best version of what you are willing to do.

Also, they show you the level of each challenge and some details, to prevent spending time on something you are not qualified to achieve now.

So when your learning and practicing skills improve, you can switch to higher levels.

You still have a large variety of choices to choose what you like the most.

Also, watching a demo isn’t something bad you can do on Edabit, to be ready to use their new platform.


CodingBat has an old interface that contains a lot of practices and warmups related to Java, with a star badge to evaluate your level.

It’s somehow like an old-school HTML-designed page, but still good for your to try it if you like to use those old-school practices.

On the same Java page, you have access to a part which is named “Java Help” that provides you with Example Solution Code, Mapping, Filtering.

So it’s easy to learn from them when it comes to having some help to continue your practicing task.


When you see the name of that website you can understand that it’s dedicated to the Java language.

Yes, it’s true. This website is completely dedicated to Java and has huge data ready for you to consume and learn from.

They teach you and tell you everything about Java, like from A to Z, they teach you how to install it and how to practice it.

Photos are included nearly in each page they have, to help you understand how Java works.

They have a programs menu, collections, projects with a lot of info.

If you are willing to be a pro person in the Java language then you have to bookmark this website on your learning list.


W3schools is one of the best and most visited websites to practice Java and other languages.

With this website, you can start learning Java starting from the very basics to the professional skills, and this will help you by improving your coding skills fast.

They have around 60 Million visitors per month, which is a huge number of visitors to a learning website.

It’s one of the most known websites on google to learn all types of coding, from HTML to C++, Java, JavaScript, Python… and much more.

It’s very easy to use and a user-friendly interface helps you to understand all types of coding skills including examples and challenges, they also have exams to practice what you learned directly after each session.


Codewars is like a gaming website with achievements and badges, but you make it by coding in any language you like.

Its platform provides coding challenges for companies and educators, which means they know what you want to learn and practice as an individual.

They will provide you with good challenges to fit and sharpen your skills, so you can challenge yourself on the platform and play with other educators who want to challenge you.

You can also compare your score with other people. On the other hand, it’s possible to collaborate with others and discuss the solutions, which is cool and not annoying.

Can I learn Java in 3 months?

You can learn everything you want in 3 months, of course, if you decided to do it you can learn Java in 3 months.

By practicing and learning each day for at least 5 hours, you will be another person within 3 months and will find that your skills have hugely improved.

Mastering programming, in general, is not something you can give time to achieve, because coding is an unstoppable skill.

It’s like playing football, you need to practice each day every day to be a pro player, but still after that need always to practice at least twice a week if not more.

However, it’s easy to learn the basics and start coding in the first month, then start development in the next month, then you can start to make your own projects in the third month.

Is java easy for beginners?

If you already know the syntax of programming, it’s easy for you to learn Java even in one week.

But still, it depends on your learning background and your motivation. If you are willing to put in hard work and start learning Java without stopping, it will be easy for you after a while.

But starting without knowing some basic programming essentials, will be a little difficult like on the first week, but when you finish learning those basics, it will become easy.

Some people can learn it easily, and some will find that is hard to start even with the basics.

So if you are ready to do it with all your power, then go for it, and you will find it will be easy.


Finally, there are always a lot of ways to practice java online for free, so many websites are there, in addition to challenges and coding exams.

So you can choose how to start your Java coding journey and make a new version of yourself, like a professional developer in the future.

Put in the hard work and practice, then you will find the result.

When you solve problems and practice more challenges, you will be improving your coding skills continuously without feeling yourself.

Now it’s your time to share your opinion. Do you think that the Java language can help you achieve your future coding goals? Why you have chosen Java to learn and practice? Which practicing website you liked the most.

Please share your opinion and your suggestions in the comments on the section down below.

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