How to organize Your videos with 4 Video Organizer Software

Most video editors have issues organizing their video, so one of the best ways is to do it with video organizer software.

Video organizer software is made to keep your videos in good order so you will not struggle to find them.

You can keep your videos in files, or upload them online, or even copy them to an external hard disk.

Today I will show you how to organize your videos with 4 video organizer software, and with other easier ways for you.

Why you should organize your video?

When you search for a video then you don’t find where did that video disappear, or maybe you forgot where you have placed the video.

Then you will definitely need to organize your videos correctly to get them as fast as possible when you need them for any reason.

Now after shooting a video from your phone or your camera, you will find out that it takes a high storage place on your device.

So organizing them will help you to get more space on your devices and you will be able to shoot more videos without interruption.

Family and friends’ important events are unforgettable. Most people like to take a shoot of these moments to remember them after.

However, it’s important to let a copy of all your video files in a safe place like an external hard drive, or an online cloud storage space.

How to organize your videos without a video organizer

Organizing videos has never been easy like this. There is a lot of ways to organize your videos and get them ready for you at any team you search for them.

I will show you the 3 best ways to organize your video, even if you are a YouTuber:

Backup your files

Backup can be a saver most of the time for you. So backing up your video is a must if you have a big collection or even a small collection of videos.

However, there is a lot of solutions for data backup such as doing it with cloud storage that provides you with 50GB storage space for Free.

Which I think is enough for a small collection of clips that you got on your phone or camera device.

It’s cost-effective and even time-saving, so at any time you can get access to your file with any device connect to the internet, then you can restore any video file you want.

On the other hand, you can backup your video files locally with a hard drive or to another PC on your network connection by a Lan cable.

But you have to keep in your mind that it’s crucial to make a copy of your videos outside your original device.

Buy a Large External Harddisk

First, you have to install RAW image extension if you had images related to the same event you are shooting.

Because RAW files are large files and take a lot of space on your device, so when you install the RAW image extension, the size of images will be reduced.

In addition, you will get more space for your videos to be added on your device or hard drive, so it will help you to manage your videos more efficiently.

Now when you buy an external hard disk, you will be able to backup your video on it, so you have to consider buying a large hard disk if you had a large number of videos.

However, it’s good to keep a copy of your videos on a hard disk, because it’s more durable than a local hard disk installed on a PC, and you can place it wherever you want.

Name your files Chronologically

A new way to organize videos is by using the YRMODA method or Chronologically (which means year-month-day) method.

This method will help you organize videos in a very simple and professional way to be able to get them easily at any time.

For example, name the video 1903290_YoutubeGamingStream, then create a folder with the name March, then put it in a folder that has the name of 2019.

Like this, you already created a file with the YRMODA method, which is now ready to be backed up.

Also, it can help you when you need to find a video to edit or check before editing.

So make sure to do try out this method and you will see changes when you search for your videos.

How to organize video with video organizer

There is another method to organize your videos, is by doing it with video organizer software.

Using video organizer software you will be able to manage and organize videos professionally so then you will quickly find them out.

You can find a lot of video organizer software but here I will talk about two of them:


Is a simple app that is made just for organizing images and videos on windows, it’s simple to use and has a lot of cool features.

One of the best features is that it contains a small menu that tells you all information about the photo or video shot with the place on map of the destination.

It’s compatible with all sorts of devices such as DSLR cameras, smartphones, network drives, which will make it easy to use and will be able to manage all your data in one place.

Another cool feature is by finding duplicates files, which can upgrade your device storage space, also it can compare and sort your photos and videos.

It can help producers a lot, like putting ratings on photos and videos, editing and fix metadata (locations, resizing, rotation), so this will organize your videos very well.

Salen Video Manager

Saleen Video Manager is an app that is dedicated to organizing movies and adding thumbnails to those movies.

It supports a lot of video formats like MP4, FLV, AVI, which are large files, and this is enough to get large videos ready and organized with this app.

It’s compatible only with Windows family operating system, which leaves apple outside the circle.

However, it’s possible to add ratings to videos and generate video strips, also you can add tags and rename files.

So you will find them faster, by using the search function like file explorer search bar, then you can filter the search results and choose your collection.


There is more than one method to organize your videos in a simple professional way.

You just have to keep in your mind that it depends on your type of work, whether you were a pro cameraman or just a person who is taking family videos, vacations, small captures.

So you will decide which method you will use, but starting with the YRMODA method will give you the ability to make sure that all your videos are grouped in one place.

Also having an external hard drive will save you in the future and keep videos in a safe place outside your original device.

Which method did you like the most? Are you a cameraman or a hobby man?

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