OneDrive vs Google Drive: Which is the best and Cheapest for you

Have you ever thought about which cloud storage is the best and cheapest for you? OneDrive vs Google Drive can give you a good point of view in the cloud storage world.

Thinking about server maintenance has become an old reality. Today cloud storage like OneDrive and Google Drive are winning the show, as it became more easy and fast, but you have to know which is the best and cheapest cloud storage for your needs.

Today I will show you which cloud storage is the best between both OneDrive and Google Drive.


Let’s start on the pricing as it’s an important factor for most users, both of OneDrive and Google Drive offer a variety of options for their paid service.

However, if you are a simple user who needs just a normal subscription you will find that OneDrive will offer you 100GB for $1.99/ month, also GoogleDrive will offer you the same storage at the same price.

Now Let’s compare the features that will be added to both paid services. 

PricingOneDriveGoogle Drive
$1.99 / month100GB100GB

We can see that both of them have the same pricing for normal users.

Now if you are managing a business or maybe you just need more storage, it’s better to continue reading to understand which service suits your needs the best.

As one drive doesn’t offer you anything even for the $1.99 / month aside from the 100GB, Google Drive has multiple features such as:

  1. Access to Google Experts (it’s a service that Google offers to help you solve instantly any problem related to Google products, with just one tab
  2. You have the option to add your family members (it’s a good option to help you share files with your loved ones)
  3. Extra member benefits (you can add another member or another email that you are using to give access to your drive storage)

Speed and Performance

If you think that you will be able to use Google Drive at the place of One Drive when it comes to performance, then you are wrong.

Both of them have the same speed features and performance.

However, experts on any app service, promise customers a complete speed and performance if they follow the recommendations and requirements when using their services.

On the other hand, both services provide you with a good download speed and perform fast virtual files storage performance.

Free Storage Space Capacity

It’s important when you a storage service to have a Free storage space, at least to try the features of that service.

OneDrive offers you 5GB Free storage to enjoy, you can try those 5GB by creating an account on Microsoft outlook.

Google Drive offers you 15GB of Free Storage capacity which is good enough to download a large file and transfer them anyway.

Back-up Limit

When it comes to the backup limit, if you are interested about keep your phone data safe without deleting them then you should consider OneDrive. 

OneDrive can let you backup your phone data safely with its easy-to-use process, therefore it will let these files secure with your email.

If you check Google Drive for the same feature you will find that Google Drive has a backup option, but it’s limited somehow. It will let you backup some photos and videos on your phone or pc, however, it still gives you more storage than OneDrive.


When it comes to Data Privacy, I am sure that no one likes their data to be shared anywhere than their personal storage places. But Unfortunately, you will not be 100% sure that your data will be private on the cloud, in a fully private place.

As privacy online becomes more and more crucial in the virtual and cloud world, comparing the two services in terms of privacy will let you know that both apps will demand to have the “right to privacy”.

That doesn’t mean there is someone behind the screen who is accessing your files and photos just for fun.

GoogleDrive collects the most data on the cloud storage software out there, they will use your data to collect the content you create, including documents, emails, also documents you make of Google services.

They will tell that they are using your data for ads purposes plus improving their services.

OneDrive is not collecting data as Google does, but they want to make sure that your content doesn’t violate their privacy rules, and protect their customers.

If you are someone who wants their data to be private and well protected with a little high cost then use OneDrive cloud services.


One of the most important parts of this comparison is customer support.

It can be a major factor in solving any problem that maybe will affect your cloud storage or service you’re using.

With Google Drive support, you can feel that really google is treating you like a loyal customer. In fact, I tried Google Support one time and it was fast and professional support, they helped me till the end.

They send you also a support email regarding your cases to follow up with you. The customer support is likely outsourced.

On the other hand, OneDrive has an automated chat that will not solve your issue directly,

Without customer support, you will likely end up waiting a long time with a risk of being able to get the right support at the right time.

Mobile Apps

The Two apps look similar on both ios and android however you can’t scan documents with the Google Drive app. 

In the Google Drive app, let’s you view your My Drive folder, including all shared files and uploaded files inside.

You can install the Google Photos app that allows you to get access to your photos with more functionality and features.

With the OneDrive app, You can scan documents, but the document recognition algorithms in OneDrive seem to do a much better job at detecting edges and OneDrive lets you scan in color and has settings for different kinds of documents like business cards this makes it very easy for collecting bills or other documents.

In General, the two apps are somehow the same, in their interface and some features, so if you are a photos lover you can go for Google Drive, or if you are a PC love and like to back up some files with some photos then go for OneDrive.


No one likes their data to be stolen or even used for some company’s benefits, used by third-party apps.

But when it comes to cloud storage security, none of the two services provide the best security option out there.

In order to get full security in the internet world today, you have to know more about data encryption. Unfortunately, Both Google Drive and One Drive didn’t offer those two security options to fully encrypt and secure your data.

On the other hand, you can download third-party applications to encrypt your data before uploading them.

With One Drive Personal vault, you can secure some important files, it’s a good type of security offered by Microsoft, it forces you to use your fingerprint and a pin code to open the vault. After usage, if you standby for 10 mins the vault will block automatically.

Who Wins? (Verdict)

Finally, it’s time to find out who wins, after using cloud storage for more than 4 years, I can tell that OneDrive is the best option as I am a PC user.

In terms of Privacy and Security, I have never had an issue with both Google Drive and One Drive, as long as you set up your security process like pin code, authentication apps, adding your phone number. It will be very hard for any type of attack to be able to access your files.

In terms of price, it’s still the same in both services, but you will have more comfortability using OneDrive as it’s already integrated on Windows 10 operating system.

It has a lot of facilities when you install the mobile app, you will be able to sync files directly between your PC and your Phone very easily.

However, you have also a 5GB limited storage for Free to let you try the service and store some files on the cloud.

Now when it comes to you. If you are a PC user would you use OneDrive cloud storage? Do you think that 5GB will be enough for you to try it?

Comment below your opinion.

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