Microservice Architecture Examples and Tutorial (Full 2021 Guide)

When big companies are managing huge data on their systems, they will think about microservice architecture examples to scale with their data management system.

So in order to find the source of any data or code in an application, companies today are facing a lot of issues.

In this post, I will show you microservice architecture examples and tutorials.

What is a Microservices architecture example?

An example of microservices architecture is when you look at any diagram, you will find that each step can lead you to other steps.

Like if you were using an application, and you clicked any button on that app, you will logically find yourself on another page.

Microservices architecture is made by remaking monolithic applications into microservice structures that facilitate their work.

So in another way, when you are developing an application for a taxi company, you have to connect all services starting from car service and ending with how much clients pay.

Instead of having a lot of developers working on the same project while building your enterprise application, you will be able to hire a small team with a well build Microservice Architecture.

Then you will be able to control all the enterprise complex services from that small app.

Is microservices testing complex?

Testing microservice is a phase that developers make in order to take full advantage of what they coded.

The complex thing about microservice testing is not with the microservice itself, because you can build any microservice architecture. The problem is with how the monolithic architecture will be built, and how the microservices will interact together.

When testing microservices, there is more than one type of test to do for your code. Integrated testing is one of them, it’s a complex test that should be done but will affect your codebase health if you haven’t been careful of what you coded.

You just have to make that type of test when you feel that you are very confident about the coding job that you have done.

Because integrated tests can sometimes break your code instead of solving it.

When testing microservice, most developers think about the result of that test, to make sure that their work was done correctly, and have confidence about their code.

Microservice Vs Monolithic Architecture: which one is more complex?

Now the difference between Microservice Architecture and Monolithic Architecture is that monolithic takes more time than microservice while building it.

Also when monolithic has an error, it’s harder to fix it because the whole system will be affected.

On the other hand, microservice architecture will help developers to fix the error depending on the service that is showing the error, which will not affect the whole system.

One of the difference also is that monolithic architecture needs a large team to manage it, but microservice need a small team to make it run and manage everything.

So Microservice is the winner because it’s less complex, which leaves the Monolithic Architecture to be more complex.

Microservice Architecture Examples

E-commerce Example

An E-commerce app is a good example to understand Microservice Architecture.

Imagine that a customer went to the app interface then checked the price of a product, now he went to choose the variant, finally wanted to checkout and pay.

Microservices Architecture is implemented into that process from start to finish, including storefront, which shows the user a user-friendly interface and is easy to manipulate. 


Amazon AWS implemented microservices architecture as well in their system, it helped their very huge system to work effectively while analyzing data and codes.

So applying any service in microservice architecture can be done by adding that service separately without affecting the whole functionality of other services.

For example in Amazon Elastic Container Service, they have a well-made container management service with high performance, that allows you to run an EC2 instance very fast without breaking into bugs or errors.

Also, it’s possible to eliminate the instance in 1-minute maximum then create another EC2 instance.

This shows the professionalism of Amazon AWS microservice architecture.


Netflix started to use a microservice architecture database when they had a problem in 2008 that led to stopping delivering DVDs to their members.

So the idea came out of a problem, this is how big companies solve problems by finding a final solution to their problems.

They began implementing microservices into their system, with a small number of developers who had made a small complex monolithic architecture, each service made alone, then connected to another service.

So they finalized the monolithic process in 2012.

Building that type of coding empire, helped them a lot when they faced a big scale back in 2015, and their API gateway was processing two billion daily API requests.

Microservice Architecture Pros and Cons

If you look at what enterprises solved their major app issues, without any doubt you will understand that microservice architecture is a most in all today’s enterprises.

On the other hand, it has advantages but also it has disadvantages.

Let’s talk about both of them and why Microservice can have Cons:


  • Solve errors of each service process without affecting any of the other services.
  • Microservices can make each service meet the demand for the application that’s made for, enables the developer’s team to easily scale the service when the demand skyrocket.
  • It’s easy to try new ideas when developers want to. So when something on the microservice doesn’t work, it will not affect the whole service.
  • It’s like an open-source app, you can use any code you want for the service you are working in, also you can make any change by the tool you would like to use. So you have the freedom to chose.
  • If an error occurred in any of the microservice architecture, this will not affect other services, it will stay on the round where it started, which gives the developers the ability to solve fix the error on one service only. Without having to fix the whole system.
  • Microservice architecture is used mostly in computing, storage, and databases, caching, networking which are the most important asset of any enterprise today.
  • A small team of developers can take control of the microservice without having to hire a big theme of developers, which is cost-efficient.
  • With the development and scale of new trendy technologies, developers are always able to implement any new technology on that microservice.


  • It’s a challenge for developers to maintain multiple sorts of languages and frameworks using microservice.
  • It has high costs when building it, solving rare issues also will cost sometimes a fortune, as it’s a complex architecture.
  • Microservice architecture becomes more and more complex to work with when it grows and scales, so this needs professional developers to deal with.
  • Enterprise should keep all data and codes up to date and will have to work with a developer team exclusively.
  • There is more than one app to choose from while looking to build a microservice architecture, which makes it a challenge to take such a decision.
  • Companies should be ready to make that change in their culture to be adapted to that type of development and architecture because each team will work as an independent business on that microservice architecture.
  • Managing the whole product can become complex when the number of services grows on the architecture.


This was a small example of Microservices architecture.

Today most of enterprises are facing issues with their systems, so they will need microservices to implement it in their system.

Some of them have to change their culture to involve in that type of service architecture management.

However Microservice architecture has its cons and pros, but it depends on each company culture whether they want to apply it or not.

Do you think that Microservice Architecture is a good way to manage services? Which microservices architecture example did you like the most?

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