How to Uninstall Apps from Android Device?

Apps can be uninstalled on Android devices. Some individuals have trouble uninstalling Android apps. How to uninstall Android apps? Most viruses and malware apps can’t be removed.

New Android smartphones are always exciting. With the temptation of our favorite app, we clicked directly on the Google Play Store and downloaded everything interesting. In this hustle and bustle, you can sometimes download and install multiple unnecessary applications that you won’t even use at once. While these unwanted applications do not harm your Android device, they simply remain inactive and start eating up your device’s resources. This directly leads to accusing your smartphone of multiple issues such as slow performance, freezing when running an application, etc. So use the best Android cleaner app, which helps to make your device run faster

In addition to these manually installed apps, there are some bloatware that try to slow down your Android device. Before proceeding with this guide, the first thing to note is that any application cannot be uninstalled or uninstalled from your Android device. Today, all other smartphone manufacturers work with such a company. That is why there are several applications pre-installed on the phone or tablet. You cannot just remove or uninstall these bloatware software because they only have a “disable” option. After you disable any bloatware software or application, it will remain on your device but will not consume any device resources.

Now let me guide you some manual steps to remove unnecessary applications from your Android device:

Google Play Store: In the Google Play Store you can download all apps; however, it can be the same place if you want to get rid of downloading apps you don’t need. Go to Google Play Store > My Apps, here you will find a list of downloaded and installed apps. Tap the desired application and select Uninstall to remove the application from your Android device.

Android Application Manager: All Android smartphones allow you to remove any application from their built-in settings. Go to “Settings” > “Applications”, here you will see three tabs, “All Applications”, “Downloaded” and “Running”. In the downloaded category, you can select and uninstall the desired application.

Long press to uninstall: This is probably the easiest way to uninstall or uninstall an application. Just go to the application drawer, long press the desired application and drag it to the uninstall option at the top of the screen. Not only is this process the easiest to remove or remove, but it can also vary depending on the device manufacturer’s design.
Instead of following the time-consuming steps described above to remove or uninstall unwanted applications, I would recommend an easy-to-use tool called Android Cleaner. It is an all-in-one optimization tool that can really scan your Android device and help you clean up junk files. It has several advanced features:

Application Manager: The application manager feature allows you to manage all downloaded and installed applications through the application itself. It will show you a complete list of downloaded apps that have been manually installed on your Android device. It allows you to remove all unwanted applications and not to worry about uninstalling pre-installed applications.

Clean Background: It scans your Android smartphone thoroughly and helps to clean up junk or cached files. Ultimately, it helps reclaim a lot of wasted storage space.

Smart Storage Manager: Smart Storage Manager enables you to manage storage in a smart way to free up more space. It can even handle large files or downloaded files.

Optimize Phone and External Storage: Android Cleaner can not only optimize the internal storage of your Android smartphone, but also remove unwanted files from the external memory card.

Improve battery life up to 50%: The most beneficial feature it offers is that it can help you extend battery life up to 50%.
Besides doing all these manual steps in computer technical articles, you can also simply choose this Android device cleaning application. It gently improves the performance of your Android device by safely removing or uninstalling unwanted applications. And let you remove the reasons why your Android phone is running slow. Android Cleaner is a reliable application that is easily available on the Google Play Store.

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