Hide Facebook Comments Today and Get Rid of Spams (the easy way)

When you open your Facebook account and see unwanted comments on your posts, you will usually think to hide Facebook comments immediately.

It’s the solution to get rid of these spammy comments and let your profile clean from that type of spam.

Because, when you are making a post that will take your time and effort to be done, then someone with just no reason comes and smash a comment of that post to ruin all that you did.

That’s what we call spammy people.

Today, I will show you how to hide Facebook comments and get rid of spam with some easy steps.

Can You hide Facebook comments?

Yes, you can hide Facebook comments that are related to your profile page, or you were mentioned in.

You can also delete them, but you can’t disable them permanently, however you will be able to do this on your profile, Facebook groups & Facebook business page.

However you can hide your comments by choosing specific people to hide from, so if a comment doesn’t seem to be familiar with you, you can delete it forever.

If you are a business and trying to remove bad customers reviews, it’s also possible to remove their comments from your page.

Anyway, if you find that it’s the only way that to fix your issue then go for it, but if not, there are plenty of ways to try and make your customers happy, which will show that you are caring about your customers.

So you can comment back and show them that you are here to fix their issue, and don’t forget that word of mouth which are the comments, is a key to business marketing success.

How to hide a comment on Facebook

When you decide to hide a comment on Facebook and don’t have another solution, then you can do it with multiple places on Facebook, depending on your account usage.

So I will show you how to hide a comment on your Facebook profile, groups, business page, and Facebook ads.

On Personal Profile

First, to hide a comment that’s annoying you from your personal profile, you just have to do these small and easy steps:

  • Open your Facebook profile
  • Check for your news feed and hover your mouse to the comment you want to hide
  • Near each comment, you will see three dots, click on that dots
  • After clicking on the three dots you will see a popup that contains multiple options including the “Hide Comment” option
  • Click on “Hide Comment”, then your comment will be hidden

Note that you can’t delete multiple comments at once, you will have to do it for each comment.

However, the same steps will work for mobile phones, just by pressing and holding the three dots then tapping on “Hide Comment” when the popup shows.

So don’t worry, the person who wrote that comment, will not receive a notification of the deletion, but just in one case, if he visited again the post and checked his comment.

On Groups

When you are a Facebook group admin or contributor, you will probably sometimes think about hiding comments on posts for some time.

What’s good about this, is that Facebook has an option to hide and disable comments on Facebook group posts, even if you were the person who just shared the post on Facebook group.

Let’s check how it’s done:

  • Go to the group you want to hide comments on
  • Hover to the comment, then click on the three dots
  • When the popup shows up, click on “Hide Comment” or “Turn Off Comments”
  • Then your comment will be deleted

No matter if you are an admin of the group, even group members who made a post can do it.

Now if you decided to undo your work, do the same steps but instead of “Hide Comments” you will see “Show Comments” or “Enable Comments”

On Business Page

When you are building a business brand or small shop on Facebook, then you probably saw some people’s bad comments on posts you’ve published.

Of course bad posts I am talking about like posts that include comments that are inappropriate, spam, or self-promoted.

This type of comment can hurt all your brands or business image.

However you can hide those comments using the first method, but to manage a Facebook business or brand page with a lot of comments, you will need another method.

Let’s find out how to hide these comments by tagging a specific word:

  • Open your Facebook Business Page
  • On the left toolbar, click on “Settings”
  • Now after the settings page opens, make sure you are on the “General” page
  • Now search for the “Page Moderation” option, then click on “Edit” at the right of that option
  • A small popup, of “Page Moderation” will open, you will now be able to add specific words to restrict and hide them on your page
  • You can choose words like “price, bad, buy, priceless, not worth it..” and so on
  • After you have done adding words, click on save

Then all your work will be saved, and old comments with restricted words that you added will be hidden and disabled, and all people will not be able to posts comments containing those words in the future.

Now if you want to delete those words, you can come back to the “Page Moderation” again and then click on delete all or delete some words then click save.

On Facebook Ads

With a Facebook Ads account, you have more options to work on your page, from the backend on Ads manager for example.

So you will be able to hide comments also on Facebook Ads.

Let’s check how it’s done:

  • Open ads manager, then hover to the campaign name
  • Click on “Edit”, then a new page will open
  • Choose the Ad from your Adset where you want to check comments and remove, then click on it
  • Now the Adset preview Page will open, on the right, you will see “View More Variation” and another small Preview Icon on the right
  • Click on that Preview Icon, then choose “Facebook desktop News Fee”
  • A new page of the Post will open, scroll down a little and you will see your ad on the news feed
  • On your Ad, click on the comment icon, and you will see your comments
  • Now you will have the option to delete or hide the comment, which will rely on you

What is the result of hiding a comment on Facebook

Maybe you will wonder, what will happen if you hide a comment on Facebook.

When you hide a comment, it will be hidden but users will not receive a notification that tells them you have hidden the comment.

However, if they come back to the posts and check it, they will notice that you removed the comment from there.

Anyway, you will receive notifications with each comment done on your posts, this is an easy way to delete unwanted comments immediately.

But you have to make sure that notifications are enabled if you do not receive any.

Edit your privacy on Facebook

You can edit your privacy on Facebook to keep users your friends but hide their comments.

So you can choose with this method who sees your comment.

To edit your privacy:

  • Open your Facebook Page
  • Go to settings, then open privacy
  • Then you will be able to edit your privacy shortcut
  • You can choose here who see your comments on Facebook
  • So choose to let just close friends see your account

Can hiding a comment on Facebook affect your account

Hiding comments on your Facebook will not affect your account that much. 

Instead, it can maybe create some misunderstanding with your audience if you were a brand, or with your friend, if you were doing this on a Facebook profile.

So there is always another way to interact with such a situation.


This was how to hide a comment on Facebook, so when it comes to these methods, it all depends on the privacy you are willing to achieve in your account.

However, hiding a comment is still a good idea to clean your profile and page from spam, and continue your journey with positive users and comments.

So have you ever had a negative comment on Facebook? If you saw a bad comment, how do you react in such situations?

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