Google vs Bing: Which One is Actually used the Most?

I listened to one time that you can take google as your dad, if you had any questions then google it. But I rarely used Bing, so I would like to make a Google vs Bing comparison to know which can get me to the info I need.

Bing has also 1.1 Billion visitors, which is attained because of Microsoft Edge that is installed on most people’s PCs as default, which uses Microsoft Bing as a default search engine too, so it’s normal to get that number of visitors.

In fact, search engines started back in 1990, where people made articles to make it as a directory for people who are searching for Infos, it was archived with an FTP site hosting. 

However, did you thought about which one is used the most? Or tried to use both of them?

Let’s find out the perfect option between those two huge search engines.

History Of Search Engines

Let’s take a look at which one between Bing and google was made the first, so I will take a step back into the history of search engines.

Bing at first was named MSN search index back in 1998, then they got live as Microsoft rebranded the MSN live search on June 3, 2009.

However, Bing wasn’t updating their coding bases and algorithm, before the initial lunch in 2009, they worthed nothing in front of google.

But after the Microsoft announcement, they invested a lot into to improve it and still investing.

Google was launched by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the same year where the MSN search index has been made, on September 4, 1998. The biggest search engine today started as a small website that indexed information pages.

Then attracted investors of silicon valley, and the first investment was 100 000$ from the co-founder Any Bechtolsheim.

Is Bing Better Than Google: what’s the difference?

When you think about the better search engine between Google and Bing, you have to take a look at the SERP page (Search Engine Result Page) which is almost the same in both search engines.

Also understanding the fact of how their SEO, PPC, and results work to evaluate the better between them.

But taking their algorithm changes and the difference is a must to get into the result and decide the performance of each.

However, if you look at the result page in each of google and bing you will not find a big difference.

They both start with PPC results as ads make them alive, and advertisers pay per click to be shown on the search result.

Below the PPC results, the organic webpages will be shown, and there is a huge probability that the algorithm of Google and Bing will only show the indexed pages of high authority websites.

Because websites with high authority mean that the websites are trustworthy, old in age, and have valuable information for the visitor.

On the other hand, Google has almost 91.86% of the search engine market share worldwide, making it in the first place and very far from changing in the near future.

Bing has just 2.34% of the market share, which is good for its size, but not enough to at least beat the google, with the technologies and investment they have made into it.

So, I can say that both of them can be good search engines, regardless of their huge difference in market share and revenues, visitors can still find the information they want on both websites easily.

Who actually uses Bing?

Probably most of the people around the world use google today, but bing has its unique visitors also which are Chinese people in addition to Americans.

It’s not surprising that maybe people in china have never listened about google before because bing has around a billion visitors with a 24.58% of Chinese visitors.

That means bing is used by Chinese people a lot and has a huge opportunity to be competitive in China.

Also, it’s interesting that a big part of Bing visitor comes from the united states, which make it on the first place by the percentage of visitors 33.01%.

Nearly 66 million users use Bing only and 62 million uses both Bing and Google.

The fact that bing has 48% of its search comes from Windows 10, skyrocketed the website visitors after the biggest update in 2006.

Xbox users and not just users, gamers who use their Xbox console, can have access very easily to bing when doing their searches, as Bing is the default web browser on Xbox.

Bing vs Google (Ads and SERP)

Now coming to the most important part, is to compare the major differences between Bing and Google by viewing their ads network and SERP algorithm implementation.

  • In terms of ads, google is more expensive than Bing in most industries, because most advertisers will off course look to have more visitors or conversions into their business.
  • Prices of ads are double on google in front of bing, for example, if you look at car accident attorneys google ads will cost $ 27.65 for an exact match, by far bing will cost $ 8.23 for an exact match.
  • Still, when thinking about ads, bing is cheaper, because of less advertising competition and bidding rules, which means you will get more ROI while using Bing ads and cost efficient ads. But don’t forget that Google has a more lot of potential to show your ads for 8 times more people.
  • In terms of search engine results, bing has autocompleted suggestions that show on the result page more than what Google does. For example, bing will always show you more suggestions than google which means the algorithm is focusing on that mostly.
  • Both are using A.I engine that power the result pages to update you with the latest information related to the search query that you typed. It looks also at relevance, source of the information searched for, and location of the visitor.
  • One thing that bing uses to attract users, is point-earning like a supermarket does. Rewarding users can make a huge impact on any enterprise, so it’s a marketing advantage that Bing wins in front of Google.
  • Videos search is getting more and more useful when doing it using Bing, so searching for a video will show you a lot of big thumbnails comparing to google with small thumbnails and small titles. When using Bing video search, you can feel that you are using youtube at the same time with a little bit different which is the SERP.
  • Now google image search here is a big advantage for reverse engineering search, which makes it wins in front of bing, because it has more images results, and allows you to filter more of what bing does for its visitors. At this point, Google can help users to find their information faster-using image search.
  • Google recently added a search question suggestion, so when you click on a question they will understand what you are looking for and show you more questions. This is a huge advantage for Google which bing doesn’t have in their search engine pages.
  • When you are searching for a place, Google will show you the result on the top of the pages with a new update that shows you what you can do in that country. Then take you to google maps and show places you can visit, with prices of hotels you can get access to. So you can plan a trip and get all the information you want. But Bing will only show you the basic results.


Looking at which one between both Google and Bing is better, will not be fair. As Google is always the best search engine in the world.

While bing has a nearly 4% of the internet’s queries. Still, Google has the biggest advantage when it comes to search engine results, information relevance, tutorials, image searches.

Even on advertisement, yes Bing is cheaper than Google, but who has more visitors? Who has the more potential for business to grow more faster? Which search engine do you prefer to use when you do your researches?

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