How To Find a Developer Community for New Developers (5 sources)

If you are working on a project, or just need help while you are coding, you definitely need to find a developer community as a new developer.

So you will go and search for new developers, but you have to make sure that those people can help you to achieve your project goal.

In this post, I will show you how to find a developer community for new developers.

This will help you to know which and how to choose the best developer for your project.

What is a developer community?

First, you need to understand what is a developer community, then you will be ready to find developers.

A developer community is a website that contains a group of people who are developers, new students, professional programmers, who are looking to achieve goals with multiple types of programming languages.

In the developer community, people help each other, to achieve a specific or general goal while working on a project or developing a new application.

However, most developers face issues while coding, so they will absolutely need some help.

To get the response to their issue, they visit the developer’s community to find the solution, and most of the time, they find out the solution.

People also create content and grow communities, they also make open source apps, so people search for open source app and add improve them.

There is a lot of activities in developer’s communities, and it’s a good way to get started when you are a beginner.

How to find a developer community?

It’s not a hard process to find a developer community, you just need to visit Google search and type developer community, and then you will find a lot of websites out there.

But I will show you the most visited sources that developers are active in.


Github is the most known developers community, it has an estimated 370 million visitors per month.

This means it’s a huge source for developers who want to find a developer community, while other developers make open source projects, you can upload also your code and do the same.

Then people will come and start adding coding lines with you, after your authorization.

However, you can also help your community if you found an error or any bug on the open-source app, by commenting or contacting developers directly.


When any new trend shows up, there is a huge probability that Reddit communities will be talking about it.

It’s also another big website for anyone who is looking to find real answers from people’s experiences.

You can join any sort of community if, for example, you are making movies, there is a community for moviemakers, and if you are a marketer also you will find a community for marketers.

So it’s a good source for any kind of answer you are searching for, or development communities you want to join.

Stack Overflow

Another big website, visited by developers the most. Stack Overflow has nearly 270 million visitors, they also have a lot of problems that have been solved.

When it comes to coding issues, the first website you should think about is Stack Overflow, because the knowledge base developers put inside is very rich.

Till today they have more than 21 million questions that have been asked to date, and they have an average time of 13.6 seconds between each question.

This means the website is always active and communities are always interacting.

However, more than 50.6 billion times, developers got help, so imagine the number of help beginners got from that website.

Code Project

Code project has 15 million members on its platform, which is a huge number.

Moreover, they are concentrating on artificial intelligence and new trends, this will make the website grow over with new developers.

So you will be able to connect in this developer community that has coding dictionaries, such as quick answers, discussions, articles.

You can find quick answers on this website communities, and get help from a minimum of 30 000 active users who are visiting the website always.


Developers help other developers is the slogan of Bytes.

This website also is a community website, where you can post questions, get responses, share insights.

Creating a developer website can bring other developers to your project, so when they know you are a beginner or an expert in some coding skills, they will definitely try to help you.

People are always asking questions on that website, and there is nearly 450 thousand members, with an estimated 1500 visitors that can answer your question at any time.

How to find local developers and programmers to work with?

If you think that the internet is the local place for you, then you have to go for the list of the websites I mentioned.

By asking your first question, whether it was a coding issue or app bug, maybe just a question asking people to join your project.

You have to wait for answers, then when a developer gives you the right answer for your question or welcomes your project idea, this means he is interested in your communication.

But if you are searching for local developers or programmers in your local place, you have to think about universities, schools, developers seminars.

However, you can find them online also by checking their profiles on communities online, and see if they live in the same country as you.

You can also search for developers and programmers, by going to gigs website and talking with a lot of developers there, and you will be able to convince someone to join your project or idea.

What country has the best developers?

China is the best country that has a lot of developers, which ranked 100 according to HackerRank, so they come in the first place in Algorithms skills.

However Russia comes in second place as they have a lot of hackers, and hacking needs strong algorithm skills. You can understand that most of the trojans on all operating systems and platform comes from Russia.

But China has also a lot of developers because it’s a big country with a population of 1.3 billion, which is normal to be in the first place.

India comes in 45th place, but they have also a lot of developers, programmers, they are also good at coding, in addition to their big population which is also 1.3 billion.

Tips to find your developer community

To find the right developer community, they must be some tips that you have to apply to get to the right place and community.

Answers to your questions

When it comes to finding the best community, at least your question should be answered properly, and you have to get the result of that question you asked.

If you didn’t get the right answer after a minimum of 3 questions you asked then you have to consider visiting another community.

However, from the answers to your questions, you will understand if there are developers who are interested in your project.

Welcoming community

When you also interact and answer some questions on the community, and see that people upvoted your answer or maybe answered another answer for your questions.

This can be a good sign that this community is welcoming your answers and most importantly, they are valuing your presence.

Even if your answer wasn’t right or didn’t help other developers, but people accepted it, this means you have to put that community on your priority.

Rich Content

Finding community is somehow easy, but one of the important tips to find the best community is to check their content.

Not just questions that should be answered, some developers want to take advice from other developer experiences.

Most developers or beginners, visit the community for learning purposes, and sharing knowledge, this means content should be present on that developer community website.


This was the best way to find a developer community, but don’t forget that each community has a lot of members while you may be searching for something specific.

So it’s like a puzzle game, you have to find the piece of the community that can help you grow and are interested in your projects.

Now it’s your turn to tell your opinion. Did you ever join a developer community? How do you see a local place for you, do you see it as the internet or home?

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