How to Download paid android apps for Free Without Google Play Store

When you are searching for your favorite game, sometimes it will be paid and not free on google play, so you definitely wanted to download paid android apps for free.

In the google play store, some well-known apps are paid, and some of them are free, but having paid apps for free is not as hard as you think.

You can download those paid apps for free and without using the google play store, using some other apps and websites that will offer it to you for free.

Today I will show you how to download android apps for free without the google play store.


Tutuapp is an alternative to google play store, which offers you paid apps for free, but for older versions sometimes.

It has also game mods, like 8 ball pool mod, and more games to download and enjoy for free, which make that app well known in terms of downloading free paid android apps.

Tutuapp is available for both android and iPhones, with more than 300 million users. The good thing about this app is that is always up to date with all new games and mods.

You can download all types of applications or games even free ones.

But you will find Free apps available also with older versions, so maybe you will get issues with the last default app update that you are using.

In that case, you will have to install the older version of the app, but you will not find it on google play, as the developer updated the app.

By using Tutuapp you will be able to download the older version of the app for free.


Apkpure has a huge list of mobile apps, and it’s somehow similar to google pay. It can be used for both android and iPhone also.

When you visit the website on your phone the website will open up like the play store, and when you open it using your desktop, also you will get the desktop page.

So it’s interesting to have also desktop version because some users have android emulators like Bluestakes and Nox, which support this kind of android apps.

However, you can download any game or app you want from Apkpure directly to your desktop, then you can open it on your emulator or just copy it to your phone and install it.

But while using your phone, it’s better to open the website from your phone and install it directly.


When you want to visit a website with a full and easy to manipulate interface, then you have to check Aptoide.

They have about 22 million visitors on their website, in addition to their app and other services the number will off course be higher.

You can check and download their Aptoide app, and Aptoide TV, so these services are alternatives to google play store.

Now to download paid android apps for free, you can give Aptoide a try, as restricted apps in your country will be available globally on this website.

Moreover, a clean source of downloading apps outside google play store will be conscious, so they scan each app for viruses before publishing it on their platform.

This will give users confidence while visiting the website, and you will feel safe while downloading and using their services.


MyAppFree is another google play store alternative, which provides its users a wide collection of apps to download.

When you enable push notifications on your phone for MyAppFree, you will receive always new updates and special offers.

They have a user-friendly app that you can download on google play store but can use it after installing apps without having to visit the play store.

You can find paid apps for Free also download a theme for your phone, also buy some premium themes, check new paid and exclusive apps with special discounts.

However, they have more than 2 million users which already saved $ 2,361,530 as they say.


Androidapksfree is a replacement for google play store, which has nearly the same play store interface.

Apps on Androidapksfree is improved with all features to be compatible with tablets and smartphones, as user requires sometimes to use some apps on their android devices.

It’s a small size app and easy to navigate throughout menus.

The app is free to use and doesn’t need to create an account. This is a good feature for new visitors.

Now if you wanted to save your search history it’s better to download the app and use it as a signed-in user.

It’s an open android apps marketplace that allows anyone to upload their apps to get more downloads and share their coding artwork with Androidapksfree.


If you want to get a well-known google play store alternative without being worry about safety or bugs, then Uptodown is a good choice for you.

With their huge catalog, they have thousands of android games and apps, with screenshots and videos of each app they make themselves.

So this will give you a clear view about each app, like any review people can make about an app, to show users whether it’s worth it or not.

This will give you a clear view of which app you should download, and don’t get that much time by searching to find the best app out there.

Also, this app was designed exclusively for Android, so you can download all your favorite apps from it directly without needing to open the google play store.


They are experts in android apps, also other platforms such as Windows and Mac, so their website was made to review and download legal apps for Free.

You can relax when downloading their apps because they scan and make sure that no virus-infected in any android app.

Moreover, an expert team is always working on Malavida website by testing out and checking apps security, to make sure you receive it clear and clean.

Malavida team contains 15 people that are working behind the table to get all of those Free apps ready to download and make you always updated for new releases.

You can also find a lot of apps, in their huge multi-platform library, so you will benefit at the same time to download more than one app for all your different devices.


Blackmart is a third-party app outside google play store, that provides you with paid android apps for Free.

You can save money by visiting their website and download the application. It has many features on it.

They have a lot of features such as download paid android apps for free, banned apps like locked application or apps that has a geo-restriction on some countries.

If you are a person who likes modded apps, it will also be available on Blackmart app, which will make it easy without going to search and download it elsewhere.

It has a fast download speed, which some of the other apps haven’t.

Safety is the most important feature, as no one will accept getting a virus on their phone.


Download paid android apps for Free, has never been easy like before.

I remember before 5 to 6 years, when I wanted to download paid apps for Free, I was struggling by searching on google to find out the latest version of that app.

However, after finding the app, popups and annoying messages were very hard to ignore, so before downloading the app it was a struggle to get it.

But today it’s not like before 6 years, apps are getting better, and people are developing more and more easy-to-use apps.

So in that post, you got the best website you can use to download paid android apps for Free.

Now, Which one of those apps did you like the most? Do you prefer to buy the app or download it for Free?

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