How to Change icon for android app on your Phone the (Easy Way)

App icons can make you find your apps more easily on your phone’s home screen, but you may think to change icon for android app on your phone.

There are several ways to change your app’s icons, but some users would like to change one icon instead of all icons.

Some other users like to customize everything on their phone screen.

Today I will show you how to change icon for android app on your phone in an easy simple way.

How do I change app icons on my Android phone?

The only way is to switch apps icons or icons in Android from the launcher installed in it

These products can be used for Samsung OnePlus Optopex, any other manufacturer. You can also do this by using a free launcher.

Let’s discuss the best approach using a Launcher or icon packs for personalizing Android phones. You can install fully themed icons and cover many of your apps or update them into something you like.

With launcher, it will be easy to do it as you will switch all your theme to another one, which will not take all your time doing the customization.

Now if you like to work on each icon, there are other ways to change your app icons.

Change icons on android without launcher

Without a launcher, you can use apps to download your own photos and change transform them into app icons.

However, you can download apps that contain already icon packs so it will save you time without customizing new photos.

Now to change icons on android without launcher, you have to visit google play, then search for “icon pack” and you will get plenty of apps that have icon packs to add to your theme.

Some apps are limited with their packs, so you will find like a 100 icon. Yes, it’s not too much but it is unique and is high-quality resolution.

However, you can have dark mode icons packs and wallpaper images on the same app.

Best icon app changer for android

Now to choose the best icon app changer, as I told you there is a lot of apps, but I will tell you about 5 best of them.

Let’s talk about them:

Viral Icon Pack

Viral icon pack app has a well-designed icons pack that contains hundreds of icons. The app also contains special wallpapers that are compatible with icons.

This app supports all launchers on android phones, such as nova launcher, smart launcher, and apex launcher, other popular launchers too.

It has high-quality icons with matt colors and professional designs.

One of their pro features is that you can send an icon request to their system and they will make that icon and publish it into the app.

Icon Pack Studio

Icon pack studio is a famous icon pack app, where you can create your own app in addition to ready icon packs that are available to apply.

It has an advanced editor which allows you to modify your icons by adjusting the size, color, position of your customized icon.

However, in the advanced editor, you can add special lights and make filters to your icons, then apply them to your icon design or launcher.

It also works with nearly most launchers on google play, so you are free to choose where you want to apply your icon designs.

Minma Icon Pack

This app has a simple android icon pack with a unique attractive designs, which are made mostly in dark mode.

It has a limited icons pack, but still, the developers working to make new icons for each app update, and users can request icons after app updates.

You can only request 10 icons per update, as the developer is trying to get all icons to request with round and dark design.

The app also contains a stroked icons style with a beautiful shadow and a resolution of 200×200 pixels.

H2O Free Icon Pack

H2O has over 4000 manually designed icons and has a beautiful rounded design made especially for users who like the colorful home screens.

The icons on that app were inspired from Oxygen OS and Hydrogen launchers, it supports most other launchers as well.

You just need to download a compatible launcher then apply H2O icons into it, then you will find a new theme icons created with colorful rounded designs.

The good thing about this app is the customer service, where developers are always available to help users solve problems and request new icons.

It’s also Free to use and ad-Free app and has descriptive tags so you could find icons that are suitable for your needs.

Whicons – White Icon Pack

If you are a person who likes white lines icons then you have to give Whicones a try.

This app has about 7200 icons, with more than 30 000 apps covered, and supports multiple launchers.

It contains icon packs with full white colors, also has a dark background that can incorporate with icons colors.

However, users reported that the app takes some time to load app icons in some launchers but still can provide them with a large pack of icons.

How to customize app icons?

To customize app icons you should use a specialized app that contains modification features to customize your icon manually.

You can do it by using software on your PC or by using an App on your phone.

I will show you the phone app method as it’s a more professional way and easy way for you to customize icons as well.

  • First, you have to download “Icon Pack Studio” from the google play store.
  • Then open the app and you will be able to customize your own icon from there
  • After opening the app, click on “+New”, then click on choose whether you want an Adaptive Icon, or Minimal Icon, or Textual Icon.
  • You can also tap on “Import Installed Icon Packs” to get the pack you already have
  • Now you will get into the modification page, so start editing your icon
  • After Finishing the modification, tap on Preview then you will see how icons will show off on your home screen
  • If you are satisfied with the resulting tap “Apply”, then the icon pack will be applied to your launcher

How to change the icons back to normal?

If you wanted to get back to your normal factory icon pack, you just have to delete the app and your icon will change immediately to its original design.

But if you didn’t see any results after deleting the app, then try to restart your phone.

Now if you still don’t see any result, the last option is to get into your phone settings and change your theme to the original one, and you will get everything back to original.


App icons design is interesting when you want to make some design changes on your phone, it can give your theme an active view.

However, if you would like to create your own icon, you have to use to remove your photo background then use Canva online app to transform your photo into an icon.

Which icon app do you like the most? What is your preferred launcher?

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