5 Cache Cleaning App for iPhone that can Boost Your Phone Performance

When your iPhone becomes slow, one of the main things is to clean your cache, so you will need a cache cleaning app for iPhone to upgrade your phone speed.

Cleaning cache can be conscious sometimes, to avoid app bugs and issues when using them, and there are multiple ways to do it.

Today I will show you 3 cache cleaning app for iPhone that can boost your phone performance.

How to clear iPhone cache without an app?

There is no default way to clear your iPhone cache like android phone does, in android you can clear cache of each app or clear all your phone cache.

But in iPhone, there is one way to do it, which is by deleting the app then reinstalling it, and some of the iPhone apps have it’s own cache clearing option.

But the majority of iPhone apps don’t have that cache clearing option.

So you need to clear cache and history from Safari browser, and this will get rid of large unwanted data.

Let’s check how it’s done:

  • In setting, scroll down and tap “Safari”
  • Then scroll down again, and search for “Clear History and Website Data”, then tap on it
  • Now note this: (if this setting has the gray color, this means you don’t have any data to delete or you are restricted to do so)
  • If it’s blue, tap on it, then you will get a popup, asking you to “Clear History and Data”, tap it also
  • When you tap it, it will delete all the history, cache, cookies from your phone, and other devices connected to the same iCloud account you are logged to.
  • Finally, you have done cleaning your cookies and browsing history

After doing these steps, your phone should back to its normal speed, but if that didn’t happen, you have to clear your app’s cache with 3rd party apps.

I will show you how to do it, in the next methods.

How to boost iPhone performance by cleaning cache?

If you aren’t able to use your iPhone properly, like when apps take so long to open, and some other apps crush.

Then one of the options to boost your phone will be by cleaning your iPhone cache, and this can be done just for safari on settings.

Now, in addition to safari cache cleaning, there is another way to do it with 3rd party apps that boost your phone’s performance.

You can also check your phone’s software if it’s up to date or still needs an update, and make sure that software apps are up to date.

Put in your mind that you always have to check for your phone updated to let your phone get all the necessary bug fixes.

What is the best free cache cleaning app for iPhone?

As I told you, there is more than one way to clean your iPhone, but using apps will make it better as 3rd party apps can clean your phone completely.

So while using one of these apps, you can reduce bugs and upgrade your phone speed, also it will help you to remove viruses.

Now let’s talk about the best apps to clean and boost your iPhone.

iMyfone Umate

iMyfone is an app launched in 2016, so till now, they have 6 years of experience in several phone activities.

It has been downloaded 58 million downloads, and this is enough number of users to tell that the app results are good.

So you can download the iMyfone Umate on their website, and plug your iPhone into your pc then clean it with one click.

This app can make an analysis of your iPhone data to check up on all the bad data inside it or find unused apps.

It cleans up temporary files and junk files and removes junk files like app caches, cookies, it can also delete downloaded temporary files.

In addition to cleaning storage and junk, it can clean camera roll in photo stream and photo library cache.

Cisdem iPhone Cleaner

This is another app to clean junk on your iPhone, which will help you to manage your iPhone apps in a smart way.

However, you can backup important data with one click, then clear all caches you don’t want.

This app is compatible with all iPhones and IOS systems, so it can work nearly with all Apple phones and tablets.

After connecting your phone to pc using Cisdem, this app can understand the problem of your iPhone automatically.

It can also help you look and view large files, so you can uninstall unwanted files and keep your phone free of them, to get more space.

Features included in Cisdem are good for all sorts of activities in iPhone, to make it more durable and faster.


PhoneClean is an app you can download on your PC, to speed up your iPhone speed and clean your phone’s cache.

It has a good feature which is named silent cleaning, this feature starts to clean your phone from the first click of the home button.

Quick clean also is another important feature available on the app which lets you clean the phone directly, as some users don’t like to wait much time for the scan and clean process.

Also, the privacy clean feature is one of the most important processes that PhoneClean provides to its users, and this will keep your personal data safe as possible.

Like call history clean, and chatting history, even messages on your phone, notes, and voice mail.

Clean Doctor

Clean Doctor is an iPhone app that can be downloaded on the app store, to help you clean up your device in one tap only.

It helps you to remove screenshots, unwanted pictures, or duplicated ones also duplicated contact in terms of phone data.

However, if your phone is running slower, this app can downgrade the data usage by doing technical hardware clean on your phone OS.

It’s also a speed booster, like other cleaning apps, so these feature is good for cleaning phones and boosts them with Clean Doctor.

Phone Cleaner for iPhone by AlgoTwist

Phone cleaner is an app dedicated to photo cleaning, where you can delete all large unwanted photos from the image library.

As most iPhones, in general, have a high-resolution camera, you will always find that iPhone storage is full mostly because of photos.

So phone cleaner has more than photo cleaning features which are sort files by size, and filter files with advanced filters.

However, it has an extra feature like web cleaning such ad clean annoying ads from the safari browser.


Finally, these are the best cache cleaning app for iPhone to boost your iPhone speed and make it faster with just one tap.

Also, put in mind that photos taken on iPhone can make a huge impact on the phone in addition to apps.

Some apps are more than 100 MB each so installing a lot of apps will make your storage full in most cases.

Now it’s your time to answer. Do you think that just photos and apps can make the phone slower? Can hardware or phone age make it slower? Like apple update for example?

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