best android apps to skyrocket your productivity

Using simple apps, Android phones may be used for more than just pleasure. you may enhance your productivity by using the following list of android apps.


IFTTT is one of the best productivity apps available for free on Android. This application can unlock various functions on Android phones, such as extending the phone’s battery power by turning off Bluetooth automatically when the battery is low. It will do all the necessary tasks and make your phone work automatically, but it needs your permission like location, notifications and others to authorize it with your permission. Plus, IFTTT automatically mutes your phone before bed and lets you automatically save Instagram photos to Dropbox. There are several Android apps that can replace IFTTT, but it is one of the best apps.

To do

Todoist is an excellent Android application that can manage your tasks throughout the day. Now you don’t have to remember every important task, just install the Todoist app and set up and manage your basic activities. In addition, you can view completed tasks in your profile. Todoist helps you improve the efficiency of your work through its excellent user-friendly design in all applications. Todoist is a free productivity app, or if you want to unlock more features, buy the premium version.


Headspace is a cost-effective Android meditation application that can help you reduce your stress or anxiety levels. You learn proper breathing techniques. In addition, Headspace offers you a sleep meditation guide to help you find a resting place. With the help of headspace you train your body and mind for a healthy, happy and stress-free life.


Have you kept track of your daily life or work? If not, ATracker is the best choice for understanding how much time you actually spend on your work. ATracker allows you to create and track custom categories. Atracker syncs data between multiple devices.


Evernote is a free Android application that helps you capture and organize your important ideas or notes in time. You can organize your notes however you want. Plus, Evernote syncs all your notes and necessary thoughts to your device. You can also add documents, audio, photos, images, repost articles and more for free.

google calendar

Google Calendar is an absolutely amazing application that will keep you organized every day. Stop remembering everything in your head, but put them in Google Calendar before you forget. You can schedule meetings and appointments individually or as a team. It allows you to integrate your Gmail account.

Work flow

WorkFlowy is the most flexible Android application for taking notes with a detailed list. WorkFlowy helps you store and track everything, including shopping lists. The best thing about WorkFlowy is the automatic synchronization between different devices. You can search for any important text in a large list.

Slack is an excellent business chat application that allows you to create almost any number of channels. You can communicate with your team members through these channels. Slack takes you to the productivity area so you can easily communicate and collaborate with project team members or colleagues.


PomoDone is the best management application that can ultimately improve your work efficiency. It follows the Pomodoro technique and can help you manage your time to complete your work. PomoDone allows you to keep track of how much time you spend on each task. PomoDone allows integration with the most popular applications.

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