How to Add Ringtones to iPhone (2021): custom Your own ringtone

Have you ever thought about how to add ringtones to iPhone? Like custom ringtone, or making your own ringtone.

When you buy a new iPhone, you will get the ring bell ringtone that comes with it as a default factory song.

But of course, some of the users will like to add their favorite songs as a ringtone or any other custom ringtone they like to make.

So today I will show you how to add ringtones to iPhone, and custom your own ringtone then add it to your iPhone.

How to set ringtone in iPhone with iTunes

In this method, you will understand how to set ringtone in iPhone with iTunes, but it’s better to know that it’s an old way to do it.

However, it’s for lower than IOS 13 users, so you can still apply this method to get the ringtone.

Let’s Start:

  • First, open your iTunes, and make sure that your song or audio is in your iTunes library
  • Go to the music menu, then click on it, and you have to be in “My Music” library to find your song
  • Search for your song and find it on iTunes, then right-click on it and click “Get Info”
  • Now when you click on “Get Info”, you will see a popup asking you to choose from, click on “Options”, then choose then cut the song from where you want
  • Don’t go more than 30 seconds, you should adjust the time for 30 seconds just.
  • After editing your song, now click on “OK”
  • Then your song will be cut, but still, have some more modifications to do
  • You have to create an AAC version of the same song, so right-click again on your edited song, then “Create AAC version”
  • Another version of that song will be shown as AAC, right-click on it, and choose “Show in Windows Explorer”
  • After a windows popup open, click on your song, then tap F2 on your keyboard, so you will start renaming your file
  • Now, when you are renaming the file, instead of M4A change the file type to M4R, and the type of the song will be changed on iTunes also to M4R.
  • Finally, sync your songs to your iPhone or iPad by connecting them and syncing tones.

Add custom ringtone to iPhone

If you have IOS 13 or higher, then you will be able to make your custom logo easily, by using the Garage Band app.

This method will take you up to 4 minutes to be done.

So let’s start:

  • First, visit the website where you want to download your favorite song
  • Then download that song (It’s preferred to be MP3 audio, and it will be downloaded in your downloads history)
  • After the song is downloaded, go to “Music” to make sure your song has been downloaded
  • Open Garage Band
  • Then go to Garage Band menus, and click on the small “Smart Drums” icon
  • Tap “View”, then tap the little “Loop Browser” icon on the left
  • Now select the song or audio file you downloaded from the “Music” menu
  • If you didn’t find the file on “Music” you will find it on “Files”, by going to the “File” menu and touch on the blue folder icon to choose your audio file
  • There is another way to import audio files into Garage Band, is by dragging the audio file into the Garage Band app
  • After Choosing your song, tap on the little “+” icon that is on the top right of the screen
  • Then Select you will have to choose a time between 0 and 30 seconds as max for your Ringtone, so you can adjust and customize it as you like
  • Now to be able to trim the song from wherever you want, tap on the song then tap “Trim” and choose the start of it and the end
  • After cutting your song, make sure everything is well cut, then tap on the play button to preview it and check it
  • Now Tap on the left arrow on the screen, then click on “My Songs”, now you will see that your new song is created on the Garage Bang app
  • Click and hold on to that song you found, now tap on “Share”, you will receive a message about the song length, tap “Continue”
  • Then click “Export”, then you will receive a message telling you “Ringtone Export Successful”
  • Go to “Setting”>” Sounds and Haptics”>” Ringtone”, then you can see the new ringtone at the top with the name you give it to it, set it as your ringtone
  • Finally, your custom made ringtone is set successfully

How to make your own ringtone on iPhone

To make your own ringtone you can use the same Garage Band method if you had IOS 13, but if you wanted to try another way.

You can go to the app store and search for the word “Ringtone”, then you will find a bunch of apps to use and make your own ringtone.

But there is more than one famous and user-friendly app that you can use.

Ringtones for iPhone

This app has a lot of tones to choose from and create your own ringtone, they have over 20,000,000 happy customers.

However, you can convert all audio files (mp3 & AAC) to iPhone ringtones, with easy adjustment when trimming the song from the start and the end.

It’s 4 in 1 ringtone app, which includes a collection of tones, a well-designed soundboard, a ringtone recorder, and a place to create ringtones.

So it’s worth a Free try, which will help you create your own ringtone then set it on your phone.


Zedge is one of the most famous apps, I have ever heard of. It’s an ultimate features app that you will definitely need for your phone.

If you are a person who likes to change wallpapers and make ringtones, also add notification tones, live wallpapers.

Then you should use Zedge, it has all types of ringtones and wallpapers just made for apple devices such as iPhone and iPad.

So you can set your own ringtone, by searching for example “Tiger sound” or “Car Acceleration” or “Horn Sound”, then you will get all ringtones related to what you have searched for.

This is genius. It basically makes premium content free if you have the data to use and you can get legit live wallpapers on your iPhone. 

Ringtone Designer 2.0

Ringtone Designer, allows you to create text tones, alerts using your own song in your iPhones, music library.

You can use any audio file in your iPhone music library, while it’s really not that difficult You can actually move the song behind the clip which allows you to start and stop where ever you choose.

You can use it mostly for friends and family, so you can know who is calling by putting for each person a song related to them.

When you are connected to your computer you just have to drag the song into your iPhone, then Apple will allow you to download it directly. It’s really easy to do once you get your hand on it.


Before it wasn’t easy to make your custom ringtone, but today you are able to download it and set it as a text alert or ringtone even a message tone.

So this was how to make your custom ringtone and add it to your iPhone, also how to set any song into your iPhone with those easy steps to follow.

Which method did you like the most? What is your preferred ringtone for iPhone?

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