“Sam” Sharma and Robert Farkas were operators of the initial coin offering. According to the complaint of the Securities and Exchange Commission, filed today in the District Court of Southern New York, they attracted more than $ 32 million from investors through Centra Tech. Inc. Farkas was arrested yesterday when he tried to leave the country.

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Floyd Mayweather money suit cash 300x156 - SEC - ICO + Floyd Mayweather + DJ Khaled = ScamIn recent months, ICO has become the main focus for regulatory repression. Naturally, the people who run such a business are cautious in attracting too much attention. But not Centra Tech!

 First, the company’s ICO paid for the publicity of celebrities, including  Floyd Mayweather Jr. and DJ Khaled  (which is not specifically called).
Centra Tech also lied about having a partnership with a number of influential financial companies, including Visa, Bancorp and Mastercard
These companies were more than happy to send letters with a reputation that drew further attention to a business functionally built on sand.



“Michael Edwards” acted as the chief executive director and co-founder of Centra. Edward’s LinkedIn profile stated that he holds an MBA from Harvard University and a long career in banking […] “Jessica Robinson” was listed as the CFO who allegedly recently worked as CFO at Johnson Communications for almost five years. As a result, it’s okay that neither Edwards nor Robinson are real people.

1 Zdt2NFm07C9CvZJ yGF4LQ 300x200 - SEC - ICO + Floyd Mayweather + DJ Khaled = ScamDespite the obvious red flags, the Centra Tech coin created for its ICO-CTR has entered the list of large crypto-exchange exchanges, such as  Binance  and  Cryptopia,  where, apparently, it is still possible to buy it; The application for the wallet was approved by the  Apple App Store and  Google Play Store, helping to sell lies. The Centra Tech website remains available.


ICO was the focus of skepticism on cryptocurrency forums and in the press, and Centra Tech was sued by the first investor in mid-December. Yesterday, trying to get on the plane to leave the country, Farkash was arrested.

 The accusation requires Sharm and Farkas to abandon the money they received. In addition, they should not be allowed to work as officials of a public company or participate in any placement of securities.

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