Last week, everyone was eagerly awaiting the G20 forum, but things went differently as everyone thought. G20 postponed the issue of regulating cryptocurrency. There are problems more critical.

Russia was considered an “accomplice” to the creation of Petro. Trump forbade US citizens to deal with this cryptocurrency. Subsequently, rumors about Russia’s involvement in the production of Petro refuted.

From the published documents of Snowden, it became known that the NSA possesses the technology of obtaining “complete” information about Bitcoin users. And Bitcoin is the number one goal for the agency.

According to Bitcoin reports of CBOE futures, institutional investors for the first time opened long positions. For many, it is a good sign.

We are all used to what China prohibits, warns all that is related to the cryptocurrency. And for many, it was a surprise that the IT Ministry of China would not only develop the blockchain technology but also contribute to the creation of international standards in the technology blockchain.

The not very good news came from Japan. The Japanese financial services agency issued a warning to Binance about the provision of services without a license.

Suddenly, a voice heard from a European country that expressed a desire to regulate the cryptosphere more strictly. France plans to create a legal basis for the initial offering of coins and intends to become a leading center for promoting digital currencies like bitcoins.

Here such stormy week was issued. But we are all intimately watching our king-coin Bitcoin. Within a week, she gave hope to the traitors, although at the end of the week she softened slightly. Let’s see what awaits us next week. So good luck to all!

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