Dragonmint T1 vs Antminer S9 comparison is exciting for many crypto-enthusiasts. Some believe that with the advent of the new T1 S9, the market is outdated. However, is it? Let’s try to find out.

The brainchild of the technological giant

Initially, many were skeptical of Halong Mining and its Dragonmint T1. The firm announced in November 2017 that it would be releasing its Dragonmint devices in 2018 and stated that its miners would be the most efficient machines on the market. So, some of Dragonmint’s miners delivered, and reviews show that devices produce about 16 terrahash per second during operation – but installations are not even close to being 30 percent more efficient than the S9 that stated in the past November.

DragonMint Miner visual with Logo - Dragonmint T1 Miner vs Antminer S9

This week, crypto-enthusiasts talked about the new Dragonmint device, the SHA-256 BTC/BCH miner manufactured by Halong Mining. On April 10, Mirig distributor of mining devices announced on Twitter about Samsung and its semiconductor technology, referring to the power of Halong Mining DragonMint T1. According to the owner of Myrig, a specific 10-nanometer integrated circuit (ASIC) developed by Samsung.


says tweet Miriga.

Samsung did not hide that he was working on ASIC technology for the cryptocurrency, and this has known since January of this year. The reports said that Samsung is developing semiconductors GPU and ASIC, and the technology will be equipped with 10-nm chips. The Halong Mining website does not mention 10-nm chips that are used in any of its miners. At the moment, all the produced Halong parties are entirely sold out, and on the website store page it says that all of its miners are “unavailable.”

Cobra, an anonymous co-owner of Bitcoin.org, called Halong Mining a fraud. However, the other day he apologized to the company Halong Mining.


confessed  @CobraBitcoin via Twitter.

Dragonmint T1 miner vs Antminer S9

However, are the new Dragonmint T1 miners better than Antminer S9, manufactured by Bitmain, that the latter can be called obsolete?

In the network, users tried to compare the Dragonmint T1 miner vs Antminer S9. Here we give some.

antminer s9 europe main - Dragonmint T1 Miner vs Antminer S9The well-known YouTube blogger  Miner Digi published a comparison of the Dragonmint T1 miner against the Antminer S9. After connecting to Myrig’s 1600W power supply, Dragonmint reached 16 TH/s after some attempts to connect to the Slush Pool. The video shows that for a long time the machine consistently showed from 15.5 to 15.9 TH/s. The Dragonmint device in the video was about the same size as the Antminer S9, and the device produced an excellent impression compared to the S9.

The Hash Antminer S9 is between 13.2 and 14 TH/s, which is less than the Dragonmint hash performance, but S9 costs  1.288 dollars per unit,  unlike the first batch of T1 at $ 1,595  and at least five in order. In the end, Halong allowed piece purchases for T1 miners and quickly sold out. Since then it is not available. In addition to 16 TH/s, Halong also states on its website that the device uses (open) acceleration technology, ASIC Boost. So Halon’s miner is somewhere 1.5-2.5 TH/s faster than S9, but it costs more than $ 300 apiece. Moreover, productivity contrasts sharply with being 30% more efficient, which stated developer of the core bitcoin and associate partner of Halong Mining, Btcdrak.

For example, another review by Dragonmint says in detail that


According to the in-depth analysis published on April 4, T1 reached 14.98-15.97 TH/s, but consumed about 1480-1497 watts. In turn, the Antminer S9 consumed 1375 watts at 14 TH/s.

Early to say goodbye to Antminer S9

This means that there is a discrepancy between devices both in price and in electricity consumption, which makes the performance characteristics not very different. Despite the fact that T1 uses ASIC Boost and claims to use 10-nm Samsung hardware, its efficiency is at best minimal.

Thus, the view that Antminer S9 is obsolete is at least a rather absurd statement.

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