The apps for the Android tablet

The current Android Market informally has more than 300,000 applications. In this way, it quickly catches up with Apple’s application store. In fact, more than 550,000 new Android phones are activated every day. The total number of Android device users exceeds 130 million.

Google does not want to promote its operating system on Android tablets for nothing. This is because it controls the advertising content on the device. This is a huge source of revenue and Google will even share it with manufacturers and mobile operators.

In simple terms, an Android tablet refers to a computer without a keyboard and with support for a touch screen. In fact, the iPad is the first regular tablet. It was unveiled in March 2010. This is an amazing and eye-catching product made by Apple. Its practical value, beauty and function have left a deep impression on the consumer. But today, this original tablet has more competitors, most of which are based on the Android operating system.

Cheap Android tablets share the Google Android operating system. But perhaps more importantly, it shares Android Market applications. Just like desktops, laptops, notebooks and netbooks, users tend to choose the best Android tablet that meets their needs based on price, design, operating system and ease of use. use.

You will find some cheap Android tablet models with 3G or even 4G connectivity. In most cases, Android tablets are built to run on traditional Wi-Fi networks.

Now that Google has made sure that the Android operating system is open source, tablet manufacturers can focus more resources on the device. This is because they don’t have to look at the software that runs it. In fact, it is already known that some device manufacturers will use this Android core system and then customize it with their own proprietary user interface.

Android is still the most popular mobile platform in the world. This is because Android allows you to use all the Google applications you know and love. Plus, no one wants to miss out on the more than 600,000 apps and games available on Google Play for you to enjoy.

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