The Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB) will file a lawsuit against Google, Twitter, Facebook and Yandex due to the ban on advertising ICO (initial public offering of tokens) and cryptocurrency, the president of the association, Yuri Pripachkin, told journalists.

“We plan to file a lawsuit in May, the companies are known: Google, Twitter, Facebook and Yandex, which banned the advertising of cryptocurrencies in their networks.” And a special indignation at the crypto community was caused by the ban on Twitter, which only subscribed to its own cryptocurrency and banned all others this is an outrageous fact,

we believe that this is the use of the monopoly position of the four companies that entered into a cartel arrangement with each other in order to regulate the market

“said Pripachkin on the sidelines of the Russian Blockchain Congress.
He added that the claims will also be filed against the managers and shareholders of the companies if it turns out that they “have crypto tices and have introduced a ban for personal gain.”

According to Pripachkin, the lawsuit will be filed in US courts through a new association – the Eurasian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. “With her, a crypto fund will be created, and she, in fact, will be the initiator of the lawsuit, and all those who wish to” fold “into the crypto fund by cryptocurrency,” he said.

In the court of which state the lawsuit will be filed, lawyers will decide. “You know that there are different laws in each state, there are states where they are loyal to crypto-currencies, for example, Wyoming, maybe it will be in the place of registration of these messengers,” concluded the president of the RAKIB.


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