Chinese technology giant Bitmain announced that they are releasing the Ethash ASIC Miners.

In Twitter, Bitmain says:

“We are pleased to announce the Antminer E3, world’s most powerful and efficient EtHash ASIC miner. Ordering limit of one miner per user and not available in China”

The cost of the miner will be 800 US dollars each. Bitmain will only accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and US dollars to pay for the first installment.

In the crypto community, rumors have been circulating for a long time about the development of the Etash ASIC miner. Ethash is a Proof-of-Work hash algorithm (PoW), used by the Ethereum (ETH) and a number of other altcoins.

Reaction in the community of the Etherium on the EtHash ASIC Miners

Some in the Ethereum community proposed the possibility of a fork in the ETH protocol, against the use of the Etherium ASIC. The developer of the Piper Merriam Etherium, on March 30,  proposed an improvement (EIP) No. 958  on Github. Introducing the idea of forking capability in the Ether protocol (ETH) to cancel ETH ASIC-i. Vlad Zamfir, another developer of the Efirium Foundation,  raised the same issue on Twitter on March 28, 57 percent of the respondents voted “yes”.

Founder of the Etherium Vitalik Buterin assumes that the protocol is already resistant to the centralization of mining in the technical documentation of the  Etherium:

“Ethereum contracts can include any kind of computation, so an Ethereum ASIC would essentially be an ASIC for general computation a better CPU. [The algorithm] allows anyone to “poison the well”, by introducing a large number of contracts into the Blockchain specifically designed to stymie certain ASICs.”

Bitmain outperformed the US graphics processor Nvidia in terms of total revenue in 2017, receiving about $ 3-4 billion and taking 70-80% of the Bitcoin market of miners and ASICs.

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