Who is he, the bitcoin creator? Remember the guy who paid for a pair of pizza 10,000 Bitcoins? So, he told a little about the personality of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin.

Work with creator

Laszlo Hanyecz, a man who bought two picas for bitcoins, is also an early developer of bitcoins. Hanyecz mined bitcoins on his laptop, after which he became interested in the development of this cryptocurrency, expressing a desire to participate in its development. Nakamoto agreed, and within a year Hanyecz received assignments from him.

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“I thought bitcoin was awesome, and I wanted to be involved, but I had a regular developing job. Nakamoto would send me emails like ‘Hey, can you fix this bug?’ ‘Hey, can you do this?” says Hanyecz to Business Insider.

Bitcoin creator is a powerful guy

Hanyecz treated this work as a secondary work and worked on it for free. But Nakamoto appealed to him as part of the team and even more like a hired worker, which is not what he liked.

It came to that Hanyecz wanted to say to him: “Hey, you’re not my boss.” He also added that he was not very serious about this work.

Bitcoin creator secretive paranoid?

Hanyecz also noted that although they worked together on the same project, he was very secretive. Nakamoto remained anonymous to such an extent that it looked very strange.

He says: “He or she or whoever it was never told me anything personal. I asked a few questions, but he always dodged them. Those questions never got answered.”

For him, Nakamoto also looked very paranoid. But as Hanyecz put it, he could be understood: “If anything had happened to the code early on, we wouldn’t be having this conversation today.”

Attitude to Mining

Nakamoto worried about the same issue of mining. As he said to Hanyecz: “Well, I’d rather not have you do the mining too much.”

And as Chanetz himself commented: “He was trying to grow the community and get more commerce use cases. He fully recognized that mining would become a thing where a few people would get wealthy.”

Besides, when he addressed Nakamoto with technical questions, he answered once, usually by the end of the week. That prompted Hanyecz to come to the next conclusion: “I just assumed he was busy working on other stuff.”

As a result, Hanyecz said that he respects the project of this person or group of people. And that because of its secrecy, bitcoin today might not exist.

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