Unveiling the Hidden Features of Android Phone

You are an Android phone user but don’t know most of the features? Want to find safer and more exciting features on your phone? Read through this article to learn some Android tips and tricks that will be helpful to you.

Most people in the world today use Android phones to make calls, send messages, etc. Android is a mobile operating system, and most mobile phone manufacturers use this operating system in their phones. There are many features, no call and message passing to check. Discover the hidden features and many time-saving techniques in the gadget.

The fundamental problem faced by mobile phone users is the battery issue.

Most Android phones have a built-in power card option that, when activated, can disconnect the batteries of all phones faster, shutting down applications. Another feature is that you can become a developer of your phone settings. Go to “Settings”, select the “About Phone” option and click your phone’s “Version Number” seven times.

A countdown will appear on the screen, followed by a command telling you that you are now a developer. The “Developer Options” will be displayed directly above the “About Phone” option.

This “developer option” can also be used well to reduce the lag of Android phones.

Lowering the “Window Animation Ratio”, “Animation Duration Ratio”, and “Transition Animation Ratio” in “Developer Options” from 1x to 0.5x can make your phone feel even faster than before.

Now you can keep up with those pesky application notifications by long-pressing the application notifications on the notification bar, which will display an information icon in the top right corner. By clicking this icon, you can select priority notifications. You can block unwanted applications, hide private data, or choose a priority mode for most previous applications.

To zoom in and out on Google Maps while driving, simply double-tap and swipe up or down on the spot. This tip will help you avoid pinching your phone’s screen while managing your phone, so you always stay in place while driving.

Today, children use their parents’ cell phones more often. Prevent your kids from participating in unsafe games, adult content or accidentally accessing your bank, and this feature is a great help. Go to “Settings”, then “Security”, and enable the “Screen pinning” option. Open the application you want to pin and protect and press the overview button to pin the application.

Another exciting feature is the built-in games on Android phones. In “Settings”, select “About phone” and tap your device’s “Version number” several times to get this feature.

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