5 Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Performance

If you’re considering replacing your Android smartphone just because it isn’t as fast as before, think again. Outdated specs spoil the timepiece, but some tweaks can bring it back to normal.

In this short guide, I introduce five tips to make your smartphone more agile than ever.

Tip 1: Never Refresh Cached Data

Many experts tell you to clean your phone cache regularly, but there are reasons why cached data is in the phone. It provides quick access to the applications you use frequently.

When you delete the cached data, Android loads the application from your phone’s storage space, causing the application to start slowly. Therefore, to speed up your smartphone, you could end up doing the opposite.

Tip 2: Remove useless applications

It is best to uninstall applications that you rarely use to prevent them from running in the background and using up your smartphone’s memory (RAM).

Follow these steps to view and remove the list of installed applications:

Settings <Applications <View the list of applications on the “Downloaded” tab <Choose an application <Uninstall

Tip 3: Turn off animation

You must have noticed some transition effects when pop-up windows appear or when you move back and forth on your Android phone. These animations also consume memory. If your phone is slow, it is best to disable such effects.

You need to activate the developer option first, then go to the phone settings, select “About phone”, go to “Version number”, and click seven times. Android makes you a developer (the easiest course ever, right?).

Now press the “Back” button and click to open “Developer options”. In the “Drawing” section of “Developer Options,” you will find “Window Animation Scale”, “Transition Animation scale”, and “Animator Animation Scale”.

You can select all three one by one and disable their animation effects.

Although the transition won’t be as nice as it used to be, you’ll notice an improvement in the phone’s performance.

Tip 4: Disable preloaded applications

If your phone is Android instead of Nexus, the manufacturer may pass you some useless apps that you don’t use, but you can’t uninstall. This is no problem! You can disable such applications at any time.

To do this, long-press and drag a preloaded application to the “App Information” icon on the home screen; then tap “Disable”. While the app continues to take up storage space, it won’t run in the background.

Tip 5: Send files to the cloud

If it takes a long time to open your phone gallery, you need to find a new place to safely store your video and image files.

You can download “Google Drive”, “Dropbox”, or any other cloud service on your smartphone and send files to the cloud. This not only frees up some storage space but also allows you to access your photos and videos from any other smartphone or PC.

These five tips might convince you to keep your good old Android friends at least for some time in the future.

There is an automatic way to speed up your Android smartphone. Use Android Cleaner, a free Android cleaning application that can charge your Android phone with just a few taps.


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