Abeona (ABN) coin can be called at the moment the best cryptocurrency investment related to travel.

New technologies in the service of the famous area

Official website of Abeona Coin abeonacoin.com. The world of cryptocurrency offersdepositphotos 64913087 stock photo travel concept suitcases and signpost 300x225 - Abeona (ABN) Coin Review. Best Cryptocurrency Investment Related to Travel considerable possibilities for consumers who want simple, easy-to-use money that is valid across the globe. From

not having to worry about currency exchange to the convenience and security

that come with the best cryptocurrency systems, one of the most interesting is Abeona cryptocurrency.

The Abeona coin offers both consumers and business owners, especially those in the travel industry, a new, exciting way to pay and receive money for goods and services.

What is Abeona Coin?

Abeona is a cryptocurrency that ties directly into the Adiona platform. It is designed to provide users with the ability to purchase goods or services using the cryptocurrency and provide goods or services through the system itself. Adiona is more than just a cryptocurrency platform;

it offers a decentralized system which is perfect for purchasing tourist passes, renting private apartments, and booking hotels

when you are on the go.

That is an ERC20 token that is released on the Ethereum platform. Currently, there are two billion tokens that have been issued so far with have being distributed. After the token sale event, any remaining unsold or unallocated tokens will be removed from the system with no more being generated.

That provides a simple, stable platform for the Abeona coin. The money collected will be distributed to maintain the system. The most significant part, 38%, will be allocated to design and engineering to ensure the system stays sound. 31% will go towards service and equipment to again maintain the system and make appropriate improvements.

Platform integration will take up 22% of the investment, providing more the adequate support to ensure that everything is working appropriately. Finally, 9% will be devoted to expansion and development which will oversee the right efforts to expand the services that this cryptocurrency offers.

As we read in Whitepaper, the advantages of this system are compelling for both businesses and customers since

it provides more revenue for owners while customers enjoy greater convenience and will not have as many expenses

The platforms that are part of Abeona include the following;

  • Everyday Payments
  • Trading
  • Booking
  • Travel
  • Applications for Mobile and Desktop Users
  • P2P Platform

The decentralized exchange system combined great flexibility with enhanced security, making Abeona coin one of the most secure types of currency available. While it can be used in a wide range of purchases and payments, it does excel when it comes to travel. This is because the platform of cryptocurrency provides excellent security and versatility when visiting different countries. No longer will a lost wallet or insufficient funds in the local currency stop someone from making purchases or being unable to get what they want.

Best cryptocurrency investment since it is very useful

Abeona currency provides a simple, effective way to have money with you at all times, 2 300x300 - Abeona (ABN) Coin Review. Best Cryptocurrency Investment Related to Traveleven if you do not carry it in your wallet or have a credit card. With this type of cryptocurrency, you can send or receive it no matter your location. Plus,

you can get bonuses for your expenses that show up in the form of a refund so that you keep earning even while you are spending

Abeona coin was designed in large part to help travellers who are on the go and never without funds. Tourism is a multi-billion-dollar industry and thanks to this new form of coin; it may be possible to travel for free depending on your investment. The more popular Abeona becomes, the higher the value of its currency. So, it is possible that your small investment today becomes a much bigger reward tomorrow.

ICO Pre-Sale

50% of the Abeona coin will be distributed during the ICO, which is part of the original intention of the cryptocurrency. The other 50% will be divided regarding the following;

  • Continued Development & Maintenance: 35%
  • Bonus Rewards: 3%
  • Remuneration for Team Members: 12%

The 35% that will be used for continued development and maintenance will be frozen until the stable coins have managed to obtain the value of $1 or more within a six-month time frame. To keep the system in order to reserve coins will be used although they will not sell on the stock exchange. They can be purchased outside of exchange transactions by individual investors. This pre-ICO stage will offer many benefits for those who want to take advantage of this remarkable cryptocurrency.

What to Know About Investing

For those who are thinking about investing in Abeona coin, there are a few things that you should know, primarily if you have never invested in cryptocurrency for travel before.

Get the Right Wallet: This means that you will need a wallet that holds the proper ERC 20 Ethereum tokens which include the following;

  • Metamask
  • Mist
  • MyEther
  • Parity

Only Trust Established Addresses: The addresses listed for Abeona cryptocurrency are the ones you should trust. While the security for this form of cryptocurrency is quite strong, one way to be sure is to use the stated addresses. Otherwise, you may find yourself the victim of a scam if the address used is not one published by Abeona.

Beware Coinbase & Kraken: If you send your ETH from Coinbase, Kraken, or similar exchanges, they will be frozen. So, you will need to be careful if you have accounts on such exchanges that you do not mix them with your tokens.

ETH Cryptocurrency: If you are making a transaction in ETH cryptocurrency, you’ll find that the ABN tokens are credited right away. You can expect perhaps a 24-hour delay, but that is the exception and not the rule. Once the ICO is completed, ABN tokens will be credited automatically from that point onward. 

If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency investment for travel, the Abeona coin is the 1519247958299 300x169 - Abeona (ABN) Coin Review. Best Cryptocurrency Investment Related to Travelone for you.

This cryptocurrency when reaching ICO stage will be available for travel and many other exchange situations

This means you can take advantage of all benefits while enjoying this remarkable way to pay for a wide variety of goods and services. It’s little wonder that Abeona coin will be in such demand. 

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